News from Mrs. Priebe's 4th grade class

Soybean Presentation

Our fourth graders were excited to welcome Mrs. Joy Olstrom (AKA the "Soybean Lady") to our classroom on Thursday. We didn't realize there was so much to learn about soybeans!

Did you know...

- When processed, one 60 pound bushel of soybeans will produce about 48 pounds of protein-rich soy meal and 11 pounds of soy oil.

- About 98% of soy meal is used an animal feed.

- Soybean oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the United States.

- Each year, 50 million pounds of environmentally friendly soybean oil goes into soy printing ink. Soy ink is used by 90% of all daily newspapers!

Ask your child for more soybean facts!

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Spelling Words

This week's spelling words will focus on the long i sound (Unit 1 - Week 4). Encourage daily practice and be sure to check your child's planner for spelling homework. Also, take advantage of SpellingCity ... great resource and makes studying for spelling fun!

Spelling (Unit 1 - Week 4)

1. climb

2. minding

3. pies

4. die

5. height

6. sigh


8. slight


10. file

11. kite

12. prime

13. pride

14. slice

15. twice

16. wipe

17. pry

18. sly

19. shy

20. spy








Spelling Homework

The students have daily homework assignments for their spelling words. Check out how you may be able to assist your child in their spelling practice!

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MAP Testing

This week the students will begin MAP Tests (Measures of Academic Progress) in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, and Math. These tests determine your child’s instructional level and measure academic growth throughout the year as well as from year to year. Please make sure your child is getting to bed early and eating a healthy breakfast each day. We want them at their best for the test!

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Panther Club Winner

Congratulations Rogelio!

Rogelio was chosen as our Panther Club winner for showing respect and responsibility! After missing several days of school, Rogelio showed responsibility by completing his homework! Way to go, Rogelio!

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Fall Carnvial

Friday, Sep. 27th 2013 at 6-7:30pm

406 Cottonwood Street

Norfolk, NE

Come join in the fun!

Nine Schools, One Book

Jefferson is participating in Nine Schools, One Book this year. Each family will receive a free copy of the book The Mouse and the Motorcycle along with a reading schedule. Read one chapter a night as a family. Students will participate in a daily trivia question based on the prior night's reading to receive a small prize. The kick-off assembly is September 30. Enjoy reading together!

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