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Shurandia Holden, Principal

From the Desk of Shurandia Holden

Hello Boggess Families,

What a great week we have had at Boggess! We are so proud of all our students for their hard work.

We had a great time last night celebrating with Ms. Martin, our Boggess Teacher of the Year at the TOTY Banquet. Ms. Martin is currently a Pre-K teacher but has taught several grade levels at Boggess. She has been making a difference in kids’ lives in PISD since 1998. Ms. Martin gives tirelessly of her time, expertise and heart to ensure success for all of our Boggess students. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the success of our students, our school and community makes her a beloved staff member and a Boggess treasure.

Next week our 3rd and 5th grade students will take STAAR Assessments.

  • Monday, May 16th, 5th graders will take the Science STAAR Assessment.
  • Tuesday, our 3rd graders will take the Reading STAAR Assessment.
  • On Wednesday, 3rd Graders will take the Math STAAR Assessment.

Please make sure students get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast. In an effort to create the best testing environment possible for students, we will make changes to lunch and recess schedules on testing days.

Monday, May 16th: 1st Grade lunch is at 11:00-11:30 ; 5th Grade lunch is at 12:30 - 1:00

Tuesday, May 17th & Wednesday May 18th: 1st Grade lunch is at 11:30-12:00; 3rd Grade lunch is 12:30-1:00

The campus will be closed to all visitors and volunteers on STAAR Testing Days: May 16, 17, 18 . Visitors are allowed on May 19-20 with principal approval.

We are kindly asking you not to bring your pets to campus and to please not have them at the student entrances or exits. Please be mindful that we have little ones who are afraid of unfamiliar pets. Thank you for helping us make our environment comfortable for all of our students.

Our Pre-K students went on a field trip to the Murphy Fire Station today. Officer Ashmore escorted the group assuring they were safe on their walk. The students were so excited to meet firemen and tour the station. Many of the students shared that they loved the firetrucks. Thank you so much to the many parents and volunteers who joined the Pre-K students on the trip. See photos below.

Please scroll below to see photos of our fabulous Field Day!

Touching hearts and minds,

Shurandia Holden

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Returning next year? Moving? Let us know!

In order to help campus staff appropriately and schedule classes for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, families are asked to complete an Intent to Return form online. Please complete the form as soon as possible since planning for the upcoming school year is already underway. If your family does not plan to return, families are asked to notify us as well since that information also helps with planning.

Thank you for your assistance in helping schools with planning for the upcoming school year.

We strive to create classes that provide the best learning opportunity for each Boggess student. Your child’s current grade level teachers, with campus specialist staff (Instructional Specialist, PACE, ESL, Special Education, Counselors) work with me to place each student in a group and with a teacher. I appreciate your trust that we have each student’s best interest in mind as we carefully place children. If your child has a specific need that we may not be aware of, you may provide a written (e-mail) request for a teaching style for your child. I ask that parents not request a specific teacher, as staff may change this summer. Requests for specific teachers will not be honored. If you choose to request a specific teaching style (most parents will not need to do this) please have your e-mail to me by May 18th.
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End of Year Medication Pick-Up

Dear Parents,

Medications in the clinic need to be picked up from the clinic by the end of the school day, May 27th. Medications can not be sent home with students, parents need to pick them up. All medications not picked up, will be disposed of on May 27th at 12:00 pm.

Thank you,

Nurse Mariel

(469) 752-4001

Dear Parents,

Another school year is behind us, and time to prepare for the school year 2022-2023. You can download the forms before you go to your summer doctor appointment. Below are the instructions to get to the specific site and a list of what you will need for each type of medication.

To access the forms: Click the button above or

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Students & Families tab at the top.

  3. On the left side of the page click on Health Services

  4. Click on Health Forms. Scroll down to find forms for the specific health concern you need.

    1. For severe allergies where an Epipen and/or Benadryl is required to be kept at school: You need to get the doctor to fill out the Allergy Action Plan and Parents need to fill out the last few pages of the Action Plan as well as a Medication Authorization Form

    2. For Asthma, where medication will be left at school: You will need to get a doctor to fill out the Asthma Action Plan and Parents need to fill out the last few pages of the Action Plan as well as a Medication Authorization Form.

    3. For Diabetes, you will need to obtain a Diabetic Action Plan from your doctor at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. You will need to fill out a Medication Authorization Form for each of the medications you will bring to school (insulin, glucagon, etc).

    4. For Seizures, with or without school medication: You will need to have the Doctor fill out the Seizure Action plan, and if you are going to be leaving emergency medication at school, you will need to fill out a Medication Authorization Form.

    5. If you are bringing general medication to school, you will need to fill out a Medication Authorization Form.

Please remember that an adult must bring the medication into school. All medication must be in its original container. If the medication is a prescription, it must have a pharmacy label (including inhalers). The instructions on the bottle have to be exactly the way the medication is to be given. Samples and Non FDA approved Medication cannot be accepted.

Thank you for your assistance.

Nurse Mariel

Counseling Survey

This year, the PISD counseling department is wanting to gain insight and information from parents regarding their school's counseling program. Please use the link in the image below to complete this anonymous needs assessment survey by April 15th! It will be very helpful in planning for next year!

Field Day Fun

PTA Newsletter

Click here for information on PTA Programs and events. Order your school supplies for next year, information in the Post.

WatchD.O.G.S. Sign ups are live on Voly

See the information above for completing your volunteer application.
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New Student Enrollment Information for 2022-2023 School Year

Online registration for new students to Plano ISDis open. Registration is for the 2022-2023 school year and is for all grade levels, except preK, which begins registration on April 4.

· New Student Enrollment (kindergarten-12th grade): Now Enrolling

· Head Start RoundUp: Now Enrolling

· PreK enrollment: Begins on April 4, 2022

Head Start: Appointment-only visits will be available from March 23-27. Head Start is located at 1600 Rigsbee Drive in Plano, TX 75074.

To register or for more information about Plano ISD enrollment, visit

Students currently in the district should not enroll. Annual registration occurs in the summer through Parent Portal.

Head Start Registration


Head Start is a federally funded program for Plano ISD children who are 3 or 4 years old by September 1 and whose families meet low-income guidelines. To assist families who might have questions about eligibility, Head Start is holding a round up event on March 21 from 8:30 a.m.-noon and 4 p.m.-7 p.m. and on March 22 from 8:30 a.m.-noon. Appointment-only visits will be available from March 23-27. Head Start is located at 1600 Rigsbee Drive in Plano, TX 75074. View this flyer for more information.


Head Start es un programa financiado por el gobierno federal para niños del Distrito Escolar de Plano que tienen antes del primero de septiembre 3 o 4 años y cuyas familias cumplen con el requisito de bajos ingresos. Head Start llevará a cabo un evento de registro los dias 21 y 22 de marzo. El 21 de marzo comenzara a las 8:30 a.m. hasta el mediodía y de 4:00 p.m. a 7:00 p.m. y el 22 de marzo comenzara a las 8:30 a.m. hasta el mediodía; estaremos ayudando a las familias con todas las preguntas sobre este proceso. Las visitas solo con cita estarán disponibles del 23 al 27 de marzo. Head Start está ubicado en 1600 Rigsbee Drive en Plano, TX 75074. Vea este folleto para obtener más información.

Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks!

Hey Bengals get your 2021-2022 Yearbook!

Don’t miss out on the fun memories! Pre-order Here:


Volunteer Opportunities are being posted on Voly. To volunteer, fill out your volunteer application, complete your orientation, then select an opportunity on Voly to help out at Boggess.

Approved volunteers are able to sign up for volunteer opportunities directly through the VOLY platform at Volunteers should be sure to select Boggess on their application in order to be eligible for volunteer opportunities. School selections can also be changed by the volunteer by logging into their account at any time.

Child safe graphic

If your child is going to be late, absent, or out of town please call the main school phone

469-752-4000 and choose option #3. (Remember to send a doctor’s note when you child is late because of an appointment.) It’s important that we know this information before the day begins, so we can locate missing children as soon as possible. The safety of the children is our utmost priority!

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Dear Plano ISD Students and Parents,

Plano ISD’s Exploring Pathways to College and Careers web page launched and offers an overview and videos of the wide variety of opportunities for students to meet College and Career readiness standards that enable them to be future-ready citizens and leaders in the global workforce. The videos include Career and Technical Education Programs of Study options that can assist students in planning their four-year plan. Visit the site at

Thank you,

The Plano ISD Advanced Academics/College, Career and Military Readiness Team

Parent Education & Engagement Program “Lunch and Learn” Sessions for Parents

The Parent Education & Engagement Program (PEEP) will host 30-minute ”Lunch and Learn” parent sessions for Plano ISD families on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 p.m.-12:45 p.m. on Facebook Live.Please log on this Tuesday and Thursday to join Plano ISD Parent Educators and other parents to explore evidence-based, positive parenting strategies as a community.

For more information about the Plano ISD Parent Education & Engagement Program, please visit the PISD PEEP webpage, PEEP Facebook page or contact Sharon Bradley.

Classes can be found HERE. Click on the month at the top of the page.

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Special Education Lunch and Learn

The special education department will continue to offer Lunch and Learn sessions for parents this school year. Please help us share these opportunities with families who have children receiving special education services. Our first session will be held on October 19th at 12:15 and information can be found through this link: Lunch and Learn "Social Skills 24/7". The virtual session is being provided by Partners Resource Network and will provide families with strategies for teaching social skills in the home. Parents can register using the link provided.


Check out the PISD website for the most current information around the district.

Stay connected!

I invite you to stay involved and informed. Below are several ways to stay connected:


I strongly encourage all families to join PTA. Our PTA has a strong partnership with our school that benefits every child! The programs, volunteer support, family events and financial support are part of what makes Boggess great.

Thank you for sharing your child with us!

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