All the Boys

2014-2015 AJHS Boys' Choir

THE new & exciting addition to AJHS Choirs!

Jay, Hunter, Coley, Keaundre, Jackson, Michael, Tyler, Beau, Kirkland, Jacoby, Will, Josh, Tyson, Trey, Christian, Tyler, Cameron, Grayson, Dean, Dwight, Mitchell, Caleb, Tommy, Legana, Tate, Chris, Junior, Eli, Javier, Seth, Parker, Devin, Austin, Caiden, Michael, Robbie, Brock, Owen, Ty, Jon

First Week's Choices

Lean on Me v. Lion Sleeps Tonight

Bring Him Home v. Tell My Father

all guys pictured above are not in AJHS Boys' Choir...
BUT I can't wait to see the 35+ guys that are!!!

~ Mrs. Rhyne