Silent Auction Items Needed

I know this is a busy time of year and we have a lot of things to bring for ICS. I just wanted to put a bug in everyone's ear about silent auction items.

Donating to silent auction is not required or expected. However, it is so very helpful to our committee when you are able to help us out. How can you help? If you have family members, friends/loved ones who own a local business, please ask them if they would like to donate to our silent auction. This one piece of ICS brings in so much money for Ney! The more items we have available for auction, the more money we can raise for our school.

Also, if you have new items at home that you are waiting to "regift" to that special someone, this would be the perfect place to use them! You never know, your "regift" could be someone else's treasure.

Thank you for considering coming together to help support PTO. Without them we would not have Accelerated Reader (they pay 100%), teacher iPads, or a Reading Celebration at the end of the year! This just names a few of the things they do for our school to support the library. The list of things they do for NEY goes on, and on, and on. Thanks again, and we will see you at the bidding war for ICS!

Class Projects Needed ASAP

In keeping with tradition, each classroom is asked to donate one classroom project to the ICS silent auction. Your "room mom" is usually the one in charge of this project. I realize that this doesn't always happen for each teacher. If the project is being done by a parent, I also realize you don't always have control of when it gets turned in. However, please let your classroom project person know, WE REALLY NEED THESE BY NEXT THURSDAY. Thank you so much!!


If you are willing to donate your time to host a "Teacher Feature," we would really appreciate it! These features are usually quite popular at silent auction and bring in a lot of money for minimal effort (depending on what you choose). Ideas for a feature are:

  • K and 1st are doing donuts with ten students before school one morning.
  • Movies with the teacher
  • Librarian for the Day
  • Nurse for the Day (after flu season, of course)
  • Park Play Date with the teacher
  • Piano lessons with the teacher
  • Art project lessons with the teacher

The sky is the limit! What is your talent? How can you spend special time with a child? Be creative! These can be done individually or as a team. Contact Brandye or Lisa Unger with any ideas or commitments. Thanks so much!!