Pitcher Plus

Alex Neff

What it is

The Pitcher Plus is a pitcher that has spill prevention features. Those features include beeping before you spill and shutting itself off. When you're pouring and you're distracted the Pitcher Plus beeps before you spill. Then if you ignore the beeping the pitcher will shut itself off.


I got the idea for this pitcher outside of school. I was pouring water into my water bottle for soccer practice and my dog came over and I started petting her. When I was done petting her I stood back up and there was water all over the counter. I then had to grab paper towels and clean up the mess I made and refill the water pitcher. Then I wished that someone would invent a pitcher that had spill prevention features.


The Pitcher Plus will be priced at $36.00. It costs me approximately $10.00 to manufacture one Pitcher Plus. It will be priced at $36.00 because during my research I found that some pitchers were priced around $29.00-$32.00. So, because the Pitcher Plus has spill prevention features I will price it at a couple of dollars more.

The Inventor

Outside of school I participate in soccer, Girl Scouts, and CCD. I enjoy reading, being creative, playing with my dogs, and being with my family.