Crime Scene Investigator

Investigating and solving crimes.

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators, are the on-the-scene professionals who are called to the scene of a crime to ensure that all physical evidence is properly collected, preserved and documented according to a strict code of standards. These investigative professionals also ensure that all physical evidence is packaged and transported to a forensic laboratory.

Degrees and Training

A bachelor’s degree in forensic science, or any other major involving criminal justice. There is a lot of emphasis on education because the field of crime scene investigations is an evolving discipline, where old-school detective work is meeting new-school technological advances. Another way to become a CSI is to enroll in a police academy and start out as a cop and work your way up.

  • Tennessee statewide: $43,620
  • special agent forensic scientist I: $45,324 – $70,320
  • special agent forensic scientist II: $49,500 – $76,788

PSCC connections

There is not many classes to take for CSI at Pellissippi but it is important to go those two years and get all your basics out of the way then transfer either to a four year university if needed or go enroll in a police academy.