RNNE Brown Bag Lunch

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Brown Bag Lunch

Hey loves -

I missed each of your beautiful, bright faces while I was out at MNPS training today! I am excited to be back with you all tomorrow!

Tomorrow, during your lunch period, stop by the PD room to pick up lunch and to chat with Preston, Rocketship Education CEO.

We'll also have other network staff members on campus tomorrow popping into classrooms and common spaces throughout the day. They will be zooming in on specifics around our network's Month 1 targets in regards to tight hallway transitions and bathroom breaks, positive framing, positive narration and instruction in classrooms.

You have ALL been working extremely hard this week - I know this from my own time visiting classrooms yesterday and from our positive framing walkthrough feedback naming SO many specific examples from staff members today!

Continue to remember that "...I am the decisive element in the classroom. It's my personal approach that creates the climate." and "...it is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars..." and to always give yourself and others around you working hard each day.

Most importantly, as I was popping into classrooms yesterday, there were SO many examples of students complying with your expectations and following your directions - more than students who were not. Although it can feel heavy when there are students in your space who are not complying, do not look over the MANY examples of students who are! When students are following the high expectations that you have set for them, shout this out verbally and positively narrate the heck out of them! When this happens, this means that YOU have worked hard to SUCCESSFULLY set them up for success! There are so many demands on you as a teacher, so please don't overlook opportunities to acknowledge the many instances of greatness in your classroom as a result of the amazing work you are putting in!

Make it rain with positive narration and shouting your Rocketeers out - all of you deserve it!

Also, don't forget to check out RNNE's Fantasy Football League to sign up before Thursday! Reach out to Mrs. Plever if you have any questions!

Mid-Week Inspiration: "We Are One"

As you all know by now from this week's Launcher, I am HUGE football fan. Something that I look forward at the opening of each football season are the "hype" videos that are released by the college or NFL team to pump of the upcoming season.

I am not going to belabor framing this video for you all, as it truly speaks for itself. It is a hype video from the University of Georgia's 2014 football season.

In the work that we choose and have been divinely called to engage in each day, this video truly encompasses the myriad of feelings that we experience. Most importantly, it encapsulates the deep meaning and integral nature of being an authentic team in such a high stakes setting.

Some of the quotes from the video that stood out to me and connected with multiple feelings that I tend to experience in one day are:

"Sometimes it seems like we have more scars than skin..."

"...all these things are washed away in grace..."

"...we've got walls to tear down, bridges to build and brothers to build up..."

"...we're all in this humanity together, so please drop whatever you got..."

"...we may not have it all together, but I believe together, we can have it all..."

"...this is our chance to show the world what we're made of..."

Watch the video! One of the best ways to spend 3 minutes and 22 seconds this evening!

We Are One