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What does every dieter want - including me?

Obviously, it's to lose excess weight but how do they - we - want to do it?

As quickly and as easily as possible!The trouble is, I hate dieting and I hate exercising - if I didn't, I

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I've tried loads of diets - low carb, low cal, low fat, low taste and I've managed to lose some weight on each of them.

But I have a problem. After awhile, it seems to creep back on again and what's more, I end up heavier than before I started my Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts.

I never understood why that should be and none of the diets explained that I will be at risk of ending up heavier than before! But now I know why that happens (and it seems that it was all my fault, I just didn't realize it) and I know how I can avoid it happening to me ever again.

It's all to do with my metabolism and how fast and efficiently it burns energy - literally the rate at which it converts the food I eat into useable fuel for my body.

I didn't know this until I came across Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts - an ebook by Georgette Pann. In it, I discovered that my dieting and exercise efforts had actually forced my metabolism to slow down.

And once it had been slowed down - it didn't pick up again on its own! That's not only why I regained my lost poundage once I increased my eating (even though it was controlled and I didn't pig out) but also why it was inevitable that I actually got heavier than I was before.

My Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts simply wasn't as efficient as before because of the way I had been dieting - as it slowed it burned less energy from my food and the excess got stored as new fat.

Now I know different though. Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts has shown me the key to weight loss success! I now understand the stupid mistakes I made that forced a slow-down in my metabolism but, even better, I also learned that I can actively control my Workouts and use that knowledge to increase its speed to maximum.

And the faster my Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts works, the faster I lose my excess weight without risking it coming back on again.

Now I'm in charge of my weight management efforts - not the other way around and you can be too.

If your body is a sports car, your Workouts is the engine under the hood. Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts is the tool you need to keep your engine fully tuned and working in tip top condition - forever.

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