2015 Year Review

By: Michelle Leung

3 Companies That Marketed Their Company the Best

Nike presented itself to the world very well this year, just as they seem to do every year. Being such a big named brand, they are already very popular, yet they haven't slacked off one bit. They continue to market their brand using hot celebrities in their commercial advertisements, increasing their popularity.

Apple is very similar to Nike in the sense that they are both very popular amongst consumers, and, like Nike, Apple proved its worth this year with its hot new items. In 2015 Apple released their much larger, iPhone 6s. Marketing their fresh new products wasn't much of a hassle due to their popularity; they continued to used fun commercials with current, hot music to attract the attention of the younger generations. They continue to release top - notch items that keep them in a league of their own above other companies.

The last company that also marketed well in 2015 was UnderArmour. This company wasn't typically popular amongst the young athletes in our generation, however now, due to their smart marketing tactics, they are attracting more and more consumers. By wisely partnering with basketball star Stephen Curry in their television ads, billboards, and pop up ads on the internet, they are attracting a larger audience and a new fan base.

2 Best Products of 2015

1.) iPhone 6s

2.) FitBit Watch

2 Worst Products of 2015

1.) Hoverboard

2.) iWatch

Top Movies of 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was definitely a top movie of 2015. This continuation from a very successful series was long awaited. The minute an announcement was made of the movie, excitement and word of it spread. This film was marketed through trailers on television as well as posters and billboards in theaters. Additionally, after all the hype, it did not disappoint.

Furious 7 was also another popular movie in theaters. Upon the tragic death of Paul Walker, it brought a lot of attention toward the film, which remained unfinished. However, it was eventually completed as it was released in April 2015. The die - hard Fast and Furious fans were sure to watch Paul Walker's last movie. However, for others who were unfamiliar with the series, the film was still marketed through trailers on television and posters and billboards in theaters, just like Star Wars.

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2 Top Musical Artist of 2015

Adele was a definite favorite in the 2015 year. After announcing that she would be going on a break, fans were waiting for her return. Then finally, this year she made a huge return to the music world with her leading song "Hello" that broke Vevo's record for the most viewed video after just being released in October. Although marketing for this song and her didn't seem as big of a hassle, they still used billboards and she performed the song many times live on a variety talk shows.

Justin Bieber was another favorite of 2015. With his newly released album Purpose receiving such a positive response from fans, he's definitely one of the top 2 musical artists of 2015. Marketing for this album didn't require much since, similar to Adele, he is a well - known and popular artist. However, one way they marketed for it was through social media. For example, on Instagram, other well - known celebrities helped with the release album by posting pictures as a countdown for when the album was to be released.

Top 5 TV Series Released in 2015

1.) Jessica Jones

2.) Making a Murder

3.) The Man in the High Castle

4.) Mr. Robot

5.) The Expanse

New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement - Work out at the gym at least once a week

Family and Friends - Balance my time between my family and friends

School and the Outside World - Get better grades on my IBHA writing assessments