Love the Industrial Revolution!

By Destiny Dardon

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What was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a period of extreme change for the United States in their economy, jobs, and factories. The Industrial Revolution started around the middle of the 1700's and started out as making machines do the work that would take humans a while and cost money to do. The Industrial Revolution went from making machines do work to new inventions, a better economy, more jobs, and different ways of living life. This Revolution increased the population in the United States, and brought more cultures and religions over. Since the Industrial Revolution had to do with industries, there were more jobs in factories and more goods were being made faster!
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Inventions from the Industrial Revolution!

During the early 1800's to 1914, there were many new inventions. One example of a new invention during that time period was the St. Louis Bridge. This bridge was made in 1874 and was invented by James B. Eads. The St.Louis Bridge goes across the Mississippi river.
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More inventions from the Industrial Revolution

Another invention from the Industrial Revolution was the Atlantic cable. This invention was invented in 1858 but it wasn't successful. In 1866 the Atlantic cable was successfully working. This was invented by the inventor Cyrus Field. This invention was a telegraph cable that went across the Atlantic Ocean.
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Even more inventions from the Industrial Revolution

Yet another invention from the Industrial Revolution was the telephone. The telephone was invented in 1876. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. This invention was one of the greatest inventions of all time because it plays a big role in our world today. The telephone has progressed so much from 1876 to now!
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Important People : Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors and changed the world forever. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb which has progressed and is still used today and is a huge part of everyday life. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879 and then an advanced one in 1880. The light bulb has changed history and has gave the world light and advanced the Industrial Revolution.
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Important People: Thomas Savery

Thomas Savery had a huge role in the Industrial Revolution. He was apart of the start of the revolution. Thomas Savery invented the Steam Engine. This was one of the biggest inventions during the Industrial Revolution, and one of the most remembered ones. The Steam Engine was an engine that used steam to work. It was a better and more efficient to make motion and has changed the ways things are built and working.
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The Steel Plow changed Agriculture during the Industrial Revolution. John Deere invented a Steel Plow that was successful. The Steel Plow changed the Industrial Revolution by making it easier for farmers and a more efficient way of farming. The advances of the Industrial Revolution and the inventor apart of it made the Steel Plow much less work and changed the lives of many farmers.
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During the Industrial Revolution many new ways of transportation were made. One of the popular ways of transportation was railroads. It was a easier way to transport people, and goods! The Railroads changed the Industrial Revolution by giving a new way for transportation and the Industrial Revolution advanced the railroads with all the new ways of building and machines made during the Revolution.
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Industrial Revolution for the better!

Overall the Industrial Revolution was for the better. It changed the world in so many ways. It changed the cultures, the ways of machines, the jobs, the social classes, the population, and the ways people lived. It brought so many new inventions that are important in our life today. It brought new ways of living and easier ways of living. It brought new people to the United States. It gave more opportunities for life! The Industrial Revolution results in our life today!

Pros & Cons of the Industrial Revolution


-There were more jobs in factories during the Industrial Revolution

-There were more people coming to the United States during the Industrial Revolution

-There were more cultures and religions being mixed during the Industrial Revolution

-There were more inventions during the Industrial Revolution

-The Industrial Revolution made transportation easier and faster

-The Industrial Revolution made goods be produced faster


-There were a lot of poverty during the Industrial Revolution

-Factories were not that safe during the Revolution

-Kids were put to work in factories during the Revolution

-There weren't many jobs for artists during the Revolution

-There were many immigrants in poverty