Women of Distress

Joy Luck Club By: Walker Williamson

Writing Prompt #1

The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates was my favorite parable because it made me feel right at home. My parents always told me to never run in the street so I wouldn't get hit by a car. I always thought they couldn't tell me what to do because they "don't know" that I will get hit by a car (Tan 87). Until my neighbors dog got hit by a car running into street and I realized they knew what is best for me just like when the little girl falls off of her bike.
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Writing Prompt #2

If I were going to read another mother daughter pair it would have to be the Woo pair. I would have picked this pair because I would like to further my knowledge about how the Joy Luck Club started. It would be interesting to learn how the mothers and daughters started the tradition of passing on their memories as it is a way to help future generations understand and know each other even after one has passed away.
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Writing Prompt #3

I found a very moving quote in the Chapter Half and Half, on page 116. "My mother pretends that the Bible isn't there. Whenever anyone asks her what it's doing there, she says, a little too loudly, 'Oh this? I forgot.' But I know she sees it. My mother is not the best housekeeper in the world, and after all these years that Bible is still clean white" (Tan 116). This quote moved me because no one should ever hide their faith. It made me feel sad because she clearly is still strong in faith, but doesn't want to show it.
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Thematic Paragraph

In the Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan presents the idea that perseverance must be present in order to move on through harsh events. When a family member passes away or disappears into "the sea without leaving so much as a ripple" you must come together as a family and persevere (Tan 125). Everyone felt that it was their fault that Bing had fallen into the water and disappeared, but they came together anyway and persevered through their tragic loss. When a loved one is "very sick" you can only hope and try to persevere through their illness (Tan 43). For An-mei, all she could do was try and persevere through her grandmother's illness, and was reunited with her mother in doing this. In life, when one must deal with harsh events, one must find it in themselves to persevere.