Reading Part 1


Introductions: Taking it ALL In

Just Like Me: Stand if you relate

- Quick and Easy

- Fun and Engaging

Diversegories: Relating to one another in groups

- Neat because I learned we had a lot in common

- I learned I've been to more countries than I thought

Class Agenda

Thursday meeting at PDSB JA Turner Professional Library - helpful for Independent Study

Next Thursday field trip to Roncesvales book store Another Story - excited about this change of pace, especially because I live around the corner

Course Guideline - Looks good. Looks like I'll be getting a lot out of this course. Just in time for my new job in September. :)

- Reflections

- Website

- Article

- Book Share

- Independent Study

Setting Criteria - Developing the criteria for our website assignment together as a class was helpful. At first, I thought it would be easier to do it in small groups and then collaborate, but then a few students felt otherwise and took it upon themselves to organize the large group of Part Ones. Thank god for them!


Foundation of a Great Literacy Program

Air Traffic Controller - groups designated roles and brainstormed LITERACY. Controller made sure we took turns sharing ideas and eliminating those already covered.

Comprehensive Literacy Program - Gradual Release of Responsibility


Articles: Early Reading Panel and Guiding Principles for Junior Literacy-

Performance Poetry - I really like the idea of summarizing a piece using one word and one sentence. It took time to create the sentence, but it is always good practice to learn to work together with one another. It helps us to better understand our students and how difficult it sometimes is for them to work with other people and try to collaborate. I realize I need to be more open-minded and understand that although I think my opinion may be the best, others' are just as valuable.

JA Turner Professional Library

"Come in and check us out!"

A Little Overwhelmed

Having a chance to sit down with my peers and discuss all the work and assignments we'll be doing over the next couple weeks kind of freaked me out. I am a perfectionist and I tend to work slowly - or in my own time, as my folks would say. It was a good opportunity to lay everything out in front of me and plug away for a bit. I took advantage of the opportunity to work in the library, read, and organize myself with a To Do List. Afterwards, I felt much better and much more managed. It feels good to be getting work done and learning. It was also excellent to be able to collaborate with colleagues.

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Every Child Needs a Champion

The following TED TALKS speech by Rita Pierson was quite influential. What sticks out to me most was how she opened her speech with such significant quotes:

"All learning is understanding relationships" - George Washington Carver

"No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship" - James Comer

It made me realize how important my role is to children I teach, and how important it is to constantly model kindness and give positive reinforcement regardless of the grade.

I also used these quotes in my Twitter and Facebook feeds. :)

Literature Share and Website Share

This week in Reading Part 1 we have had some very interesting and helpful resources shared. As a new teacher, I find this information very useful and I will definitely refer to it in the future.

Literacy Modules and PLC's

The literacy modules we've been reading and watching on eworkshop have been informative. It's nice to be able to watch videos of strategies being used, especially The Daily Five. I wish there was more on assessment (using the CAFE model).

The Professional Learning Community articles have also been a neat way to summarize and discuss important classroom issues on reading. I've learned a lot just by listening to my peers' experiences with individual students.