Multi personality disorder or DID

Mac Lindley, Period 5

Age and gender for DID

Most cases of DID are in young children who have been mentally or physically abused. Causing them to truly not know right or wrong.

Treatmments for DID

The primary treatment for DID is long-term psychotherapy with the goal of deconstructing the different personalities and uniting them into one.

Background of DID

Evidence of DID goes all the way back to paleothic paintings of people who changed their personalities into animal traits. Many deomonic cases have been traced back to DID.In 1906, Mortin Prince published the account of the Christine Beauchamp case in "The Dissociation of a Personality" . Beauchamp was found to have three additional personality states including one calling herself Sally who was childlike and differed significantly from Beauchamp's presenting personality, one that was very much like the presenting personality and one called the Idiot that was extremely stupid.

Symptoms of DID

Semi aggressive behavior from a young age.The reported range of identities is from 2 to more than 100. Half of the reported cases include individuals with 10 or fewer.

Causes of DID

Why some people develop DID is not entirely understood, but they frequently report having experienced severe physical and sexual abuse, especially during childhood.

Defenition of DID

This is a condition in which a person develops two or more seperate personalities. The person also experiences memory loss that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.
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