Surviving in space

By: Diana Celis

problems encountered in space/ things you need for space travel.

All of the food u eat or water u drink will float away,but that's the least of your worries right now..most importantly, the real problems are your bones, because in earth the pressure is normal, but in space there is no pressure and if u don't exercise your bones will get smaller and weaker and it will hurt a lot. oxygen, u need a lot of oxygen because in space there is no oxygen..and if u take your helmet while in space..u will literally be sucked in and u will die and u wont be freezed right will take about 15 seconds for u to suffocate and die and u will start feeling a bubbling on your skin and tongue...but your body will not be decomposed like on earth..instead it will be mummified. Next,....and the things u need for space are, dehydrated food, tanks of oxygen, a solar blanket, lots of water, exercising equipment, rocket ship tools, and a space suit,and medical equipment too. Stuff that u don't need are your cellphone, oranges, paintball gun, or anything childish. Now back to the problems...Space radiation may affect endothelial cells and due to the micro-gravity environment.. this could possibly lead to the decrease of the heart in size/ could cause heart disease. They can experience motion sickness and loss of sense direction..and the lengthening of the spine can cause serious back pain. Another thing about the muscles is that u don't need to walk to the other side of the ship..u float..which means that u don't use that much force as we do here on the earth which means u don't use as much calcium as u normally do. Also that your eyeballs are not getting any fluids or transferring any fluids to the rest of your body..which sometimes causes some astronauts to lose their sight or hearing loss even. The less gravity makes astronauts more vulnerable to diseases.And this all about what could happen in space..thank u bye!!!
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