Of Mice and Men

By; John Steinbeck


The story, "Of Mice and Men" will put you through an emotional roller coaster as you read. You start off reading about two men that do random farming jobs to get by. Unlike others who work at farms they stay together and take care of each other. One of the men, however, has some form of autism which makes life more difficult for both of them. They had to leave their last job very quickly because the man, Lennie, scared a young girl and she pressed charges. They had to get out of the town quickly before Lennie was arrested.

When the two men arrive at their new jobs they meet a bunch of new farmhands that they are going to be living with while they try and make money so they can live on their on farm. One of the men who is actually the boss' son decides he doesn't like Lennie. He feels intimidated by him. They go through a lot of drama up until the tragic ending of the story. You're emotions will go wild as you join them in their adventure.

Theme Analysis?

The theme within this story, in my opinion, would be to teach us about human existence and human nature. We learn about how human's get lonely and long for social interaction. We are social creatures and will start to become bitter and angry when we are left to our own devices for too long.
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Some of the Characters

Quote from Of Mice and Men

"He whined, 'A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. Don't make no difference who the guy is, long's he's with you. I tell ya,' he cried, 'I tell ya a guy gets too lonely and' he gets sick"(Steinbeck72)

John Steinbeck

I am a simple man who was born in California. I enjoy writing a lot, and I am constantly changing my genres. I try to explore different types of writing. I did go to college, but dropped out before I could get a degree. I continued trying to write for a while in my life as I worked odd jobs to make money. Money was always an issue and I was constantly moving around.