ICTM Electronic News

Volume 3 Issue 3 – March 2021


Following the lead of the Greater San Diego Math Council, the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics has established a new Equity and Social Justice Committee that will provide training at Board meetings and will be responsible for a new department entitled "Courageous Conversations" in the ICTM journal, Indiana Mathematics Teacher. Look for the first article in the next journal, and, consider submitting an article!


7-9 PM Thu 8 April

Beyond Traditional: Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Practices in Mathematics Classrooms

Presenter: Dr. Crystal Hill Morton

When asked about school mathematics, students rarely describe it as meaningful or relevant. Research shows that students are more engaged when challenged to think critically and connect the content to their lived experiences. Join us as we apply equity-based teaching principles and explore resources to support the development of culturally responsive and sustaining mathematics learning experiences.

Zoom: https://butleru.zoom.us/j/92815809239


7-8 PM Thu 6 May

Updates and Initiatives for IDOE

Join IDOE Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning Robin Conti, along with Emily Bruning and Andrew Jones, as they share resources and communication strategies as well as upcoming initiatives, opportunities, and legislative updates that directly impact K-12 mathematics and STEM.


Elementary School (K-5)

Hopping Backward to Solve Problems (PreK-2)

Students use number lines to help them visualize mathematics and ask questions about the relationships between numbers.

Describing Designs (3-5)

Students use 3-inch squares to create quilt pieces. By designing plane figures inside the squares, they will practice fractional vocabulary as they verbally describe their square to their partner so they can recreate it.

Middle School

Pan Balance - Expressions
Do you have middle level students who struggle with abstract concepts such as balancing equations? If you answered yes, the pan balanced interactive scale is a great tool to help students in a virtual environment practice algebraic expressions, equations and equality.

High School

Proof Without Words: Completing the Square

What does it mean to complete the square? Using this Illuminations Interactive, students will be able to complete a proof for completing the square accompanied by a tool for visual representation!


Sep. 20-22, Atlanta GA

Aspire. Activate. Act. Amplify Bold Mathematics Leadership

The five strands to be featured at this exciting and educational NCSM Annual Conference are:

  • Aspire to Bold Mathematics Leadership
  • Activate Leadership for Access and Equity
  • Activate Teachers as Leaders
  • Activate and Empower others through Mathematics Coaching
  • Amplify Mathematics Leadership


Virtual Annual Meeting

Apr. 21 - May 1

Offered over two weeks to fit your busy schedule, the NCTM 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting will deliver everything you expect and more from an NCTM event. Registration also includes full access to all sessions for 60 days after the event! Strands include:

  • Systemic Change;
  • Agency, Identity, and Access;
  • Professionalism and Advocacy;
  • Mathematics Teaching and Learning.

Link: https://www.nctm.org/virtualannual/

Make your case for attending: Justification Toolkit

Annual Meeting

Sep. 22-25, Atlanta GA

The 2021 NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition features the theme Empowering the Voice of Teachers: From Critical Conversations to Intentional Actions.

Regional Conferences

Oct. 27-29, 2021, Phoenix AZ

Feb. 2-4, 2022, New Orleans LA

Mar. 16-18, 2022, Indianapolis IN (Hosted by ICTM!)

2021 State Mathematics Exam – CANCELLED

With much regret, the 2021 ICTM State Math Contest scheduled for April 17, 2021 is cancelled. As the Covid-19 vaccine is more widely administered in the coming months, please look for the contest to run again in April 2022.

2020-2021 ICTM Board

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Treasurer: Jennifer Jensen

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