Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.


Monday and Tuesday are our checkpoint days. Please be aware of small groups here and there, and that the day will look a bit different. (I can't wait to see what that means!) I know you have been working hard, right up until today and we will see the fruits of those labors after. And if the fruits not ripe? We've got time to get it ready...because we WILL be ready! #wearewhitt

SOUP-er staff!

I hope you enjoyed your soup buffet!! Some really sweet mommas made sure you ate WELL. I hated to miss! Hope this first Friday in Friday was indeed FABULOUS!

February Teacher of the Month

Huge kudos to Angela Clark who was chosen as our teacher on the month this month! She will be celebrated at the Sachse chamber luncheon on Tuesday! Get with patty for more details, Angela!

Paraprofessional of the Year

We get to elect a paraprofessional of the year! Those individuals who are eligible to vote include all teaching, administrative and paraprofessional staff members.

As a reminder, the award is open to educational/instructional paraprofessionals and all other paraprofessionals, including clerks and secretaries. Stated another way, it is paraprofessionals who assist, work or interact with children.

Exemplary paraprofessionals model the following characteristics:

High standards

Interacts well with students
Sense of humor

Timely with work
Self-disciplined Interested in students

Respectful of others


Discreet with student data/information
Positive attitude

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Huge props to the office staff for holding down the fort. They've been amazing. All of them!

I've literally lost 5 lbs since TUESDAY! How is that even possible? (Trust me, it's not worth it...)

And while I do like sharing with Bradshaw, I totally didn't mean to share this, :) We will be back on Monday and full force!

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Having Hope

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Shane Lopez on Monday. Dr. Lopez is the world's leading authority on the psychology of hope. If you've ever felt defeated or unsure of your path, his book "Making Hope Happen" will help you see things a little differently. Having hope impacts everything from your energy level to your work ethic. In addition, it can greatly impact how our students achieve down the line. One measurement pitted hope against ACT scores and found that hope is a better predictor of ongoing enrollment and graduation than that standardized entrance exam.

I'm putting together a synopsis of his research to share soon...I think you'll love it!

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Fab Fridays!

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I know that Dyann, Emily, and Dewawn have a TON to share with us about their TCEA experience this week. If you just can't wait to find some goodies...try going to twitter and searching #TCEA16 and see all the tweets that have come through this week. GREAT resources, ideas, and positive edtech energy!

Our team will be presenting at our next URLearning meeting after school on their TCEA faves!!

Readworthy for the week

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5 Ways to make a Kahoot Awesome … LOVE these tips! @GetKahoot #TCEA16 #edchat

Patty's Pontifications

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Will update with Feb birthdays this weekend!

Calendar Comings

Feb. 8- #ihaveaplan at WHS, garden club, checkpoint

Feb. 9- AT at IF at the ESC, Sachse Chamber Luncheon, 2nd grade performance & PTA meeting, checkpoint

Feb. 10- Breakfast with Dads,

Feb. 11- URLearning @Whitt abt TCEA resources

Feb. 12- Wolf Howl, Valentines Parties, FAb Friday