The Correction System

By: Cole Lulfs, Kendall Moore, and Braden Mosley

When someone is found guilty, or convicted, of a crime, the corrections system takes over.

The correction system treats offenders in a number of ways like:


Criminals granted probation are allowed to return to their communities to live and work. However, they have certain limits to their freedoms.


Criminals must pay a fine or pay for the damage caused.
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Community services

Criminals must do volunteer work in their community. Like, for example, picking up litter.
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Criminals lose their freedom and privacy, and must live in a prison for a specific period of time.
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Death Penalty

Some states allow the death penalty for the most serious crimes. Death penalty is irreversible.
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Important Words and their Meanings

Parole- release from prison or jail before the full term is up on condition of lawful behavior and with the requirement of regular reporting to an officer of the court.

Probation- act of suspending the sentence of a criminal offender and giving him or her freedom under the supervision of an officer of the law.