" The Crucible" : John Proctor

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During "The Crucible",John Proctors actions shows you that love will cause you to do crazy things. In his case, it caused him to ruin his reputation in his dying efforts to save his wife and end all the madness that Abigail Williams had caused. These actions would later result in Johns hanging, yet he would save his name by not confessing to witchery.

His actions as a main character could change how the story played out but he would need help from a lesser character such as Mary Warren. His Character was like a queen in chess, its one of the most powerful pieces but needs help from a lesser piece to gain its full potential.


John Proctors action show greatly in the last two acts of the play. John Proctor puts his reputation on the line in several occasions, every time his wife is involved. One of the first times you notices this is in act II when, Rev Hale, comes to the Proctors home trying to find out if he is of good faith. John say to Hale, " I hung the door on the church.." Soon afterwards when he is on his last attempts to save his wife, Elizabeth,he breaks and confesses to having an affair with Abigail Williams. you know that this will be the ruin of his good name when he tells Danforth, " i have made a bell of my honor! i have rung the doom of my good name.." In these decisions and actions John Impacts his reputation.

Then in act IV you'll see just how much Reputation plays apart in their society. One great example comes when Parris comes to Mr. Danforth in want of the delay of the hangings so that they may get some confessions. Johns has such a weighty name they want to hang this signed confession to the door of the church so that it'll help make them seem official and in power once more. John later decides to save his life and confesses but once he signs the confession he wont return it. John tells the man, " I've done signed you my soul, please just leave me my name!" he does so because he doesn't want to sell out those who have already died and that way his family don't have to leave with being considered witches. To these people in this day and time "your name" was a big deal.

Power was also a theme that would keep recurring through out "The Crucible". John had a huge deal of power when Abigail told him that it was only dancing in the woods and it was no witchery. John could of used this power to end all the madness that was soon to follow. Later on In act II once his wife was taken in for being a so called witch, he was able to get ninety one people to sign a document saying that they had known his wife for many years and never seen her have no part in the devils doing. John Proctor as a main character has a huge deal of power but he all ways ends up getting the short end of the stick.

During these acts john shows you that he has more then just power through out the village but also has a huge amount of mental power. John in act III tells Rev. Hale that its a whores vengeance not witchery, this shows you that John had the power of stopping the none since before people lost their lives. John shows you that he posses mental power when he calls Abigail out on her lies and the affair. this was huge decision for him because it ruins his good name as while as the fact that this action was so frond upon in that time period.

Through out "the Crucible" the themes of power and reputation become the main impacting rolls. John proctor is faced with event s that put his reputation on the line. Also in the play John is possessed with power and eventually uses his power to save his wife, Elizabeth, but he as well saves his name in his dying moments..