#MVMiddle Summer Learning

Nurture Innovators

Desired Outcome: Middle School wants to be a team of innovators that nurture student innovators.

School of Innovation. Innovator Mindset. Innovation Diploma. Institute for Innovation. Council on Innovation. The word innovation is everywhere. Yet, after 300 instructional rounds, observations, and learning walks, innovation is the least observed mindset demonstrated by students. Our summer learning is designed to address this opportunity and prepare us for our single wildly important goal for 2014-15: nurture innovators.


Read the Innovator's DNA. Reflect in writing on each of the FIVE disruptive skills (create a google doc).

  • How have you demonstrated these skills in your teaching or in life?
  • How do you plan to demonstrate these skills in your teaching?
  • How do you plan to help students demonstrate these skills in their learning?


Read the Design and Demonstrate section of iPlan17. Identify one area of strength and one area of growth for you personally.

  • Find two articles that shape professional learning (one for area of strength, one for area of growth).
  • Prepare to share your strength, area of growth, and two articles in a round table discussion in pre-planning.


Read Grading and Group Work. Be prepared to discuss and establish norms for group life/group for students across grades 5-8. Discussions will occur in pre-planning.

  • What norms are effective when students are collaborating on group projects in your class?
  • What areas of group work/group life need improvement?
  • What constructive feedback do you hear from students/parents?

Before August 13...

Design one of the following that nurtures innovators: (individual and new)

  • UbD Unit
  • Performance Task
  • Rubric

How might your students include demonstrations of innovation in their ePortfolios and reflect on their learning?

Based on the round table discussion in pre-planning, write one individual SMART goal for yourself for first semester.