Oh "Techmas" Tree

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What is Educreations?

An interactive Whiteboard that students (or you) can use to import photos, drawings, or text and then do a voiceover to explain their work. After they add the voiceover, they have a mini movie to share!

Do we have access to this program?

Yes, you have access through "Clever" on the MGSD resources page. You just login with Clever and create a class. Give students the class code- they join, and wha-la! They can start creating and you can start assigning! Students can easily create an account, join your class, and share their projects!

Is this on the computer or iPad?

BOTH! You can use it either way you want! There are benefits to both!

Ideas for your classroom

In Math:

Educreations is a great way to have students show and explain the steps they took to solve a math problem. Students can write out each step to solving problem on the page ahead of time and use the undo button to go back to the first step. As the students explain each step they can use the redo button to display the next step and continue to explain their thought process.
Here is an example of a student explaining how to divide:


Students who struggle with writing can use Educreations as a storytelling tool. Students can draw pictures within Educreations or bring images in from other apps, for example Doodle Buddy, and then record themselves telling the story that goes along with the illustrations. Students can also use Educreations to support visualization. After students draw the scene from the story they are reading, they can then record their explanation of what led them to that image in their head (or on their screen).
Here is an example of Educreation being used as a storytelling tool:

In Science:

During a lab exploration students can take pictures of steps they are taking to complete the lab, as well as results throughout the lab. The pictures can be uploaded into Educreations and then students can annotate on top of the images to point out certain items. The students can also upload a .pdf of the lab document from Dropbox to record their results. When the students are ready to begin recording they can explain the steps they took to complete the lab, their observations throughout the lab, and draw conclusions based on the results recorded within the .pdf. Educreations can also be used as a pre-lab tool. The teacher can provide information, images, and explanations of how to set up the lab and how to perform each step of the lab exploration.

Flipping your Class:

Educreations is a great tool to use if you are looking at flipping your classroom. As the teacher you can prepare the pages ahead of time and then record yourself providing the lesson content to the students. You can then send the link to the students, or have them search the Educreations website to watch before the lesson, or watch after the lesson as a re-teaching opportunity.
Here is an example of a short flipped lesson on Inferring: