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Mystery Hangout

Use Google Hangouts video chat to connect your students with classes in other parts of the county, throughout the country, or even in other parts of the world! Mystery Hangout is a game, similar to 20 questions, where students alternate asking questions to try and narrow down where the other class is located. It's a fun way to get started using Google Hangouts.

There are lots of other ways such as practice with foreign language, visits with authors, book discussions, talk to experts, math competitions, and more! I can help you get started the first time or two, then I can train you how to find other teachers to connect with through Google Communities.

How does this look in a classroom?

Mystery Skype: Teaching with Technology to Connect Students Worldwide

How to Prepare for a Mystery Hangout

Thank you to Danny Ambrosio of Fairfax Public Schools for the following information shared on Slideshare.
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Mystery Skype Website

Click here to view Skype's resources for this activity. Lots of good ideas, and great videos to help promote this activity.

Class Roles

It is helpful to assign students roles during your Mystery Hangout. Below are just some ideas. Some may not fit with your class/goals.

Here is a chart you can print... Jobs/Duties

Greeters- These students are the welcome committee. They introduce themselves and tell a little bit about our classroom (but not enough information to give away clues as to where we are located in the world).

Communicators- These students have the job of asking the questions. These students have the job of answering the other classroom’s questions.

Think Tank- These are your savvy google researchers (remind them they MAY NOT google the teachers name).

Question Keepers- These students document questions asked from our class and mystery class, also document answers. They use this document.

Geographers- This group keeps track of the information that pertains to maps, Google Earth, Google maps, etc. They also cross out states and countries that have been eliminated from answers.

Keepers of the Clues- This group keeps track of the clues we have collected with a shared google document.

Runner- These students quietly go from group to group relaying information.

Photographer- These students document the activities of all the groups with a still camera.

Videographer- These students document the activities of all the groups with a video camera.

Tech Support- This group ensures the connectivity is good, audio is good, makes the call, and ends the call.

Sharers- Once both classes have determined their locations, each class will share some facts about their school, classroom, or city. This group shares this information with the other class.