Figurative Language


A METAPHOR is comparing 2 things that don't really go together.

A example of a metaphor is: My mom was a bear when she didn't get her coffee.

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Definition: is the language of a particular to person or group.

Example: It is raining cats and dogs.

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Definition: obvious and intentional exaggeration.

Example: A apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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Definition: A reference to a person, place , or event.

Example: There garden is the Garden of Eden.

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Definition: A representation of a thing or abstraction of a person.

Example: The car was danced on a icy road.

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Figurative Language

In New York in the middle of spring when it was nice and it gets icy there was a girl named Leslie. Leslie loved to garden it is one of her most favorite hobby. She also loves red apples. Leslie is 24 and has a job. She has to drive 15 minutes to get to her job.

When Leslie woke up one morning it was so cold and there was ice on the roads. She didn't know if she could make it to work. But she said to herself " I don't need to worry about the roads now I have other things to do right now for work. Also it might even melt by the time she has to leave. Leslie was very tired and then her mom came over to visit. She asked her mom " Can you please wake me up in 5 minutes so I can get some rest. I didn't get much sleep last night." Well sure" Her mother said. When Leslie went for a nap her mom was a little bit tired too. She told herself that she would wait till she wakes up Leslie. Well she was so tired she fell asleep too. Then Leslie jumps up from a big thunder strike and she looks at the time and it is 7:32. She still has to do everything. So she woke her mom up and was worried she wouldn't make work on time and be late. Her mom looks out the window and yells " Its raining cats and dogs!" - Idiom She has finally everything ready and she hasn't had her coffee or breakfast. So she is a bear because she didn't get her coffee - metaphor . Her mom gives her a apple and says like she always did when Leslie was younger " a apple a day keeps the doctor away" - hyperbole. So Leslie is finally in her car going to work and her car is dancing on the icy roads because there are so slippery, - personification. She finally makes it to work without a crash.

When she gets home from work it is bright sunny and she says to herself " It is a great day to garden." So finishes planting her flowers and her dad comes in and says " you have a garden of Eden." - Allusion. So he eats supper with Leslie and they are talking how her day was and what happened but her day didn't turn out a bad as the morning.