Pre-K's Weekly Newsletter

Ms. Nguyen

This Week's Learning!

Hello, parents/guardians!

This week, I am excited to announce this week’s lesson as your child will be learning about the wonderful world of rhymes! According to the Texas Pre-Kindergarten TEKS Guideline, is it important for children to learn how to produce word that rhymes with another given word. I believe this will enhance their reading or writing skills as well. I encourage you to help your child identify rhymed words during any kind of activities you are engaging with your child! This way, it will be very beneficial for them to have completely understand what they are learning in school. Thank you!

Field Trip Reminders!

Our field trip to the Houston Zoo is only one week away! The class is full of excitement for this field trip as the students will be able to see all kinds of animals we have learned in class thus far. Please be sure to sign the permission form I have sent home with your child so they can be part of this fun and exciting adventure!

Of course, chaperons and volunteers are always welcome! If you are interested or have any questions, please email me at:

We Are One!

Please be sure to check out our classroom's website for more information on our in-class activities, lesson plans, students' work and stories!

Parents, my information are also added below if you are approached with technical difficulties. Also suggestions or concerns are very welcome! Your inputs are very important to your child's education's journey.

Change of Clothes!

It is the first week of April and that means our change of clothes rotation is back! This is just a kindly reminder going out for all parents that your child needs to keep a change of clothes at school in case accidents, messy plays, or any type of liquid spills.