Conserving Water

Ways to help conserve our water!

Conserving Water is important because...

Reducing our use of water will decrease water pollution, increase energy savings, and create more efficient use of our water resources. Too much water in an on-site sewage treatment system can flush untreated materials through before organisms have a chance to break it down.

Conserving water in the bathroom:

  • Install a water-saving shower head.
  • Check to make sure your toilet is not leaking water.
  • Consider installing a high efficiency toilet.

Conserving water in the kitchen:

  • Rinse dishes and foods in a filled basin, rather than under running water.
  • Keep a jug of chilled water in the refrigerator for drinking to avoid running water until it gets cool.
  • Consider buying a high efficiency dishwasher that will save water and energy.

Conserving water with the laundry:

Wash only full loads of clothing.Hand wash single garments.Consider buying a high efficiency washing machine that will save water and energy.