Cotton Gin for sale!!!!!!!

cole cooper

Buying the cotton gin

Buying the Cotton Gin will be the best investment you've ever had the cotton gin saves so much time!By 1860, cotton was a cash crop. Cotton production in the South had increased.

Reasons to buy a cotton gin!!

The cotton gin is the number one cash crop. It also takes out all the seeds out of the cotton which means you can get a lot of work done a whole lot quicker! Farmers can make so much more money because they can plant more cotton!

Not having a cotton gin!!

If you don't buy one of these amazing products your messing out! If your gonna stay doing it by hand then your going to take a very long time! Last but not least your going to make less money doing it by hand, the cotton gin is so much faster than your hands!

The price range!

Seance this is such a good product i'm asking $35.00 for this but if you take some time out of your life ill give you a deal for $25.00. Now ether you want the cotton gin or not!!


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