Year at a glance

by: Parker Bingham

About me

My name is Parker Bingham. My parents are Cami Witt, and Darrell Bingham, and i have two older sisters Haylee, and Blaire. I play football and baseball, and attend frenship Highschool. During the summer I play baseball with ABA, which stands for Albuquerque Baseball Academy. I also play QB on the Varsity football team at Frenship.

Year at a glance

My year at a glance would be starting of the school year getting my drivers license. When school started, I jumped right into football, playing QB on the JV. At the end of football season, i was pulled up to the Varsity for Playoffs. After Football we started basball where i also started on the JV, towards the end i was pulled up for playoffs, where we are still on a quest for our first state title.

Dream Vacation

My Dream Vacation for the summer has to be to go to Costa Rica. On July, 26th my family and I are going to Costa Rica for my oldest sister Haylee's wedding. While we are there we will be having fun at the resort, on the beach, and many more fun acivities. I am most excited to go zip lining.

Advice for Upcoming 10th graders

My advice for the Upcoming 10th graders would be just to find out what you love to do. find the right group of friends that make you happy, and also pay attention in all of your classes.