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January 18-January 22

PD Day Schedule for Tuesday, January 19th

7:30- 11:00 Words Their Way Training K-5th grade:

Kindergarten - Green Tree Gymnasium

1st Grade - Duello

2nd Grade - Prairie View

3rd Grade- Peine Ridge Rooms C10 and C12

4th Grade - Peine Ridge Library

5th Grade - Heritage Intermediate Rooms 408 & 409

All Lakeview staff are in Group A.

K-12 Job-Alike Collaborations and Trainings:

K-8 Paraprofessionals and Instructional Assistants:

11:00-12:15 Lunch on your own/Travel Time

12:15-3:30 Collaborate with teams (Report Card, Assessments, Units of Study)

1st Grade- (2:30-3:30) Collaborating with Heritage Primary (Report Card and Assessments)

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Mid Year iObservation Check In

Since we just completed the first semester, it might be a good time for you to head back into Iobservation and see your progress. There are two areas we are suggesting you spend a few minutes reviewing. Remember the purpose of Iobservation is to help you continue to grow as a teacher.

Area 1: Updating Your Growth Plan

  • Remember the idea is you are working on this growth plan all year. Not just making one and then updating at the end of the year.
  • Review your action steps.
  • Complete any reflections on your progress. The reflection is the easy way to show you are monitoring your progress.
  • Are you on track to reach your goals?
  • Review the scale (image below) we use to mark your growth plan. Are you scoring where you want to score if we mark you in that area?

Area 2: Learner Summary Detail

  • New data collection tool in Iobservation to help catalog all your observations.
  • Provides a great way for you to reflect on your observations.
  • Detailed direction sheet found below that explains how to use this report.

Feel free to use some of your time in the afternoon of the PD Day to work on this if you want. Doug and Melissa are available Tuesday afternoon to help walk you through any of it or answer any questions about it. We are excited to see your updates!

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How To Use the Learner Detail Summary Report

Click Here for Step by Step Directions

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PBIS SET (School-Wide Evaluation Tool)

The School-Wide Evaluation Tool (SET) is a research instrument used to determine the extent to which a school is implementing schoolwide positive behavior supports (SW-PBS) at the Universal or Tier 1 Level.

The SET produces an Overall score (%) and a score for each of the seven features of school-wide PBS:

1) Behavioral Expectation defined

2) Behavioral Expectations taught

3) Behavioral Expectation rewarded

4) System response to rule violations

5) Informational gathered to monitor student behavior

6) Local management support for school-wide procedures

7) District level support for school-wide procedures

A school is considered to be implementing SW-PBS with fidelity at the Universal or Tier 1 level when it achieves a score of 80% overall AND 80% on Expectations Taught.

On Thursday, February 11, outside evaluators will visit Lakeview and will spend two to three hours: interviewing students and faculty, observing school environments, reviewing school documents and interviewing school administrators.

2-Hour Late Start Schedule

With winter weather here, it is important that we prepare ourselves for the possibility of having a late start schedule in place. If the District calls a 2-hour late start, we will follow the schedule listed below:

10:05-10:20- Breakfast

10:05- Students my enter the building

10:20- AM Announcements

10:30-10:50- 5th Grade Special

10:50-11:10- 5th Grade Special

11:10-11:30- 3rd Grade Special

11:30-11:50- 3rd Grade Special

11:50-12:20- Special Area Teacher Lunch

12:20-12:40- 4th Grade Special

12:40-1:00- 4th Grade Special

1:00-1:20- 1st Grade Special

1:20-1:40- 1st Grade Special

1:40-2:00- Kindergarten Special

2:00-2:20- Kindergarten Special

2:20-2:40- 2nd Grade Special

2:40-3:00- 2nd Grade Special

Late Start Memo to Teachers:

According to the Master Agreement (p.20), "Should the district operate on a late start schedule due to inclement to weather or other emergency, teachers will report to work at their regularly scheduled time. If road conditions warrant, teachers will have up to one hour to report work. An absence of one hour or more shall be counted as temporary (Regulation 4315)."

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DRA Window is Open January 4th

January DRA-Who needs it?

  • Kindergarten-All Students
  • 1st-Any student below Independent DRA 10
  • 2nd-Any student below Independent DRA 20
  • 3rd-Any student below Instructional DRA 34
  • 4th-Any student below 38 NF Independent Or 40 F Instructional
  • 5th-Any student below 50 Instructional

DRA Folder Sign Out Procedures:

  • During the DRA Testing Window, teachers may sign out his/her entire classroom set of folders from the cummulative record room. These must be stored in a locked cabinet in the classroom.
  • DRA Folders must be stored in the Cummulative Record Room anytime outside of the DRA Window. Teachers may sign a DRA Folder out, but it must be returned by end of the day. Always returned to your class set of folders in alphabetical order.
  • Folders are stored by grade level by classroom teacher in alphabetical order. They should be returned in the same manner to the cumulative record room.
  • All DRA Folders should be returned to the Cumulative Record Room by Friday, January 29th. Teachers must sign them back in.
  • All student scores should be recorded in SISK12 by February 5th. Ask your grade chair if you are unsure of how to do this.
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The Week Ahead...

Monday, Jan. 18
No School- MLK Jr. Day

Tuesday, Jan. 19

No School- Professional Development Day

Wednesday, Jan. 20


Kindergarten 1/2 day release (AM)

3rd Grade 1/2 day relase (PM)

9:00- Holler at Meeting with Margo and Keri

3:40- Staff Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 21


Special Olymipics Jeans Day

K-2 Collaboration (PM)- Review Data Collection #3

10:00- Holler at District Report Card Meeting

After School Tutoring

Friday, Jan. 22


3-5 Collaborations (AM)- Review Data Collection #3

Armbruster Out in Afternoon

Do you have students who need extra help?

Click here to sign up with Megan and Heather.

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