By Benjamin Nguyen 2nd Block

My Hemispheric Dominance

My test results have showed that I am right side brained by 11 to 8.

My Hemispheric Dominance Strengths and Traits

I am non verbal meaning that I process information in pictures, random which means I process information without priorities. Lastly I am fantasy oriented meaning that I don't really focus on rules.

What I Think About This Test

I think it was really accurate because one of the traits that they gave me was , "concrete" which means I process information on things that I can see or touch. Which relates to a previous test that I took on my learning style, which was kinesthetic, meaning that I learn by doing things hands on.

What I Think About My Results

I feel content because I think it is a good mix of creative and structured . I also believe that none of these traits really affect me in a negative way. So that's good.
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