Water Usage Project

By: Ethan P, Mikayla A , Maliya B, Bahar B, and Kiara T

Water Usage by: Bahar B

Water Usage

The ways that humans use water for daily uses are public supplies, domestic, irrigation, thermoelectric power, industrial uses, mining, livestock, and aquaculture. In reality, most of our water used in our homes is brush their teeth while the water is running, use the bathroom, and taking way too long showers. The ways that humans use domestic water is by drinking tap water, food preparation, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, flushing toilets, watering lawns, and maintaining pools. There are so many ways that we can conserve water, we just have to care for the environment. Two ways that humans use water in everyday use epically is using the bathroom and taking showers.

Water Distribution By: Ethan P

Water Distribution

On earth, the percentage of fresh water that is distributed is really low. Only about 2.5% of the water on earth is freshwater, and 96.5% is in the ocean, which is saltwater, making it not fresh. Also, of the 2.5% of fresh water, 68.7% are in glaciers, 30.1% of it is in the ground, and the rest is in places where we can collect it such as on the surface.

Water Conservation by: Mikayla A

Water Conservation:

Instead of taking long showers or taking baths you should take a 5 minute shower at the longest. It's also handy to keep a pitcher in the fridge to save water so you won't use much of the tap water. Make sure to turn the water off when you brush your teeth it saves at least 4 gallons a minute. Don't forget to turn off the faucet when you scrub your hands in the sink. Last but not least try to keep all the water in the pool . These recommendations will help a lot ;) .

Earth Day

Wednesday, April 22nd, 12am


Earth Day