Hatchet IR Project

Author: Gary Paulsen


Well, there isn't much dialogue in the story, but it does show how Brian screams a lot and talks to himself in the woods. For a brief example, when Brian is in the woods and can't find food he keeps screaming "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry!" This shows that Brian is extremely hungry, and when he has a problem he tries to solve it as quick as he can. Although, when Brian can't solve a problem he becomes irate and extremely stressed.

Figurative Language

Simile- page 28:The trees cut through the plane like razor sharp knives.

The importance to the plot is that it shows how when Brian crashed from a high altitude with a plethora of speed he hit the trees with the plane and the plane started to shred up from the trees impact.

Metaphor- page 27:His stomach tightened into a series of rolling knots and his breath came in short bursts.

The importance to the plot on this metaphor is that it really shows how his stomach hurts extremely bad, and that he is tired out because of the short bursts of breath.

Personification- page 13: His mind screamed at the pilot.

The importance to the plot is that your mind can't really scream at something because it can't make any noise, but it shows how Brian tries to do crazy things to try to communicate with the Pilot who has now stopped vigorously shaking from the heart attack. Overall, this shows how Brian doesn't know what to do after the pilot has a fatal heart attack.

Sensory language- page 183: He sat thinking how rich the smell was from the cooking beef dinner.

This shows how the author uses Brian's sense of smell to really show how he feels about the meal. Also, it makes me be able to visualize the beef cooking, and me waiting for it to be done.

Imagery- page 53: The Pilot's foot hit the pedal that led him and the plane off to the right. Why did that keep coming into his thinking that way, nudging and pushing.

It's importance is how it shows this very well and I can imagine the thought pushing and nudging into him, and it's important to the plot because the Pilot goes way off to the right with the plane. This means it will take someone longer to find Brian because they went off course before they crashed.