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What bride doesn't want her wedding to look like it was plucked from the pages of a magazine? With a little guidance, any bride can create a fantastic looking wedding, no matter what her price range. These are some of the hottest style tips from celebrity wedding planning to get you started on planning your dream day.

One thing that all of the weddings that you see in magazines or tv shows have in common is their fresh, modern appeal. Another common thread is the use of a surprise element somewhere within the wedding design. It does not have to be an expensive grand gesture, just a small unique touch that will give your wedding a unique character.

So how does the average bride go about designing a wedding with style and flair without the aid of a Celebrity wedding planning? By stealing their ideas, of course! One of the first tips that the hottest planners will give is to steer away from matching centerpieces on the reception tables. Instead of the expected cookie cutter look, do something a little different on each table to make the whole room look more custom and interesting.

It can be much easier than you may think to design these unique centerpieces. The trick to making it all flow is to choose a couple of recurring elements that you will repeat on each table to give your design a sense of continuity. For instance, square and rectangular clear glass vessels are very chic and modern. On each table, place a set of three vessels, each of which is slightly different. You can also combine clear and frosted glass for even more visual interest.

Your second design element is your flowers, which can be whatever suits your personal style and your budget. Orchids are one of the most popular choices among celebrity wedding planning, and while they are expensive, it is also possible to get away with using a very small number of them while still creating fabulous centerpieces. Submerged orchids are particularly stylish and you only need one or two stems per table. Another great look is to create a very full dome of an inexpensive flower like carnations. Either design will look very modern and hip.

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The third tabletop element can be floating candles. When you think about it, floating candles are pretty much the perfect wedding décor item. They are affordable and yet add a great impact to your design. The soft glow of candlelight also creates a beautiful and romantic ambiance. What could be better? Once you have selected your main design theme, it is just a matter of placing slightly different versions on each table at the reception. It is really not that much harder than the standard identical centerpieces, and the effect is infinitely more updated and stylish.

The surprising element is also very important when you are trying to add visual interest to your wedding. They can be many different materials. It could be a narrow piece of copper wire crossed loosely over the top of a bouquet. The same element can be echoed in the form of wires wrapped around rolled napkins in lieu of regular napkin rings. This is a really cool detail for a contemporary style wedding that will have all of your guests talking.

If you are more into sparkle and love crystal bridal jewelry, you can do something similar using strands of shimmering crystals. A crystal strand can be draped over the bride's bouquet to play up the sparkle of her bridal jewelry. A fun place to repeat this design element is on the stems of the newlywed's toasting flutes and the handles of the cake cutting sets. It is actually a very easy diy project; you simply thread some large crystals onto a flexible piece of silver wire and wrap it around the stems and handles. It is this type of attention to detail that will help to give your wedding a designer look without the celebrity wedding planner price tag.

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