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How do I use rubrics in Blackboard?

In Blackboard, courses are built to have rubrics associated with some discussions and major assessments. As an Instructor at Bryant & Stratton College Online, you are required to use the associated rubric and then share the completed rubric with your students.

Please view the following video from Blackboard Help, in order to learn how to grade using the associated rubrics in your course.

How to Grade Using a Rubric

As shown in the video above, please remember that as the instructor, you choose what the point value within a certain range will be. For instance, a rubric may be set between 35 to 44 points in the Meets Expectations column. It is up to you to choose if the student gets 35, 39 or 44 points within that column.

Blackboard Help

In the future, keep in mind that Blackboard Help can be accessed if you have any questions related to processes in Blackboard. Click here to access Blackboard Help and save it as a favorite link.
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In conclusion...

In conclusion, removing bias when grading and giving students a clear set of expectations help to clarify grading criteria and improve success.

**Remember that it is still important to give feedback to the students, whether they have excelled, reached expectations, or performed minimally. Rubrics and good quality feedback give the student a roadmap for understanding their score and for making a marked improvement.

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