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Symington Staff News -- Week ending 9/16/2016

Open House Success!

Great job creating a nurturing and welcoming environment for our families! Symington Staff, you RoCk!!!

EGPs due September 21 SIGNED--I HAVE NONE!!!

Please get your EGPs set up and printed. Bring them to the office, sign your copy, Dr. Woods and Dr. Hammett will read over and sign and return to you.

Technology Updates

  • Download Common Sense Media Books ASAP. They will cost money if not downloaded by October 1.
  • iOS 10 will be installed this weekend. This will offer us a lot of power in the classroom!
  • Have you signed up to become an Apple Teacher? Let's get 100% of Symington's staff signed up! Challenge is on, working on my first badge!

Ready to Get Fit?

Dr. Woods will be joining some teachers at Johnson on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3:00. All are welcome. We will work out behind the school with Nicole Warren for 30 minutes. This will be a HIIT workout so be ready to work hard for a solid 30 minutes! If you are interested in trying to get something going a couple of times a week at Symington, let Dr. Woods know. She is thinking about doing Insanity Max (25 minutes) in the library a couple of days a week at 3:00 if people are interested.

Try wearing a pedometer and challenging yourself to get 1000 extra steps each week (start at 3000, the next week 4000 and so on.

Nurse's Passes

Please send students to the nurse with a pass completed with the student name and reason for going. We appreciate you!

Principal Advisory Group

Teachers, I would like to begin meeting with a group of students who can express the voice of their peers. Please discuss with your grade levels and get me names of a couple of students per grade in grades 3-6. I would like a second grader if you think there is one or two who can handle the challenge. We will begin meeting by October 1, I hope. Please get me names by September 23.

I have not received ANY names yet...

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, September 19: NED Assembly, 1:15 (info coming from Hillen/Kemp)
  • Tuesday, September 20: Benchmarking, Grade 3
  • Wednesday, September 21: Benchmarking, Grade 4
  • Thursday, September 22: PLC meetings in PD Room--bring current lesson plan updates and Benchmark progress/Data for SLOs
  • Friday, September 23: No school for students – PD Day for teachers
  • Monday, September 26: Benchmarking, Grade 1
  • Thursday, September 29: Benchmarking, Grade 6

PD Days and Absences

Per Board Policy (GCBDA) district professional development days and teacher work days are automatic docked days and leave cannot be used.

As a reminder automatic docked days (leave cannot be used) are the first five student days, last five student days, parent-teacher conference days, before or after a holiday, pd days and work days, and inclement weather days when school is in session.