Mustang Message

February 7, 2016

A Message from Jeff and Yolanda

Many of you are aware that we are a PBS Gold Model School and that reinforcing and encouraging positive behavior is at the forefront of what we do each and every day. We do this continuously engaging collaboratively in understanding why a behavior is occurring and implementing strategies for preventing the behavior from occurring again. The goal is to decrease negative behaviors that lead to student referrals, absenteeism and reduced graduation rates for our students.

School-wide changes do not happen overnight and sometimes it takes years for changes to become noticeable; however, without the data it would be impossible to see the real impact of PBS. Noticeable trends that prove PBS is working at LWTHS/LWTC include: the lowest number of referrals and out-school suspensions and the highest attendance rates and graduation rates based on percentage in comparison to other high schools in the district. This trend has continued over the last few years.

You are all doing great things as is evidenced by a mid-year data review that shows our infraction (strikes) rates have decreased by 27% from last year from 220 to 161. Our referral rates also saw a 23% decrease from the previous year from 98 to 75. However, the positive referral rate decreased by 66% with 184 referrals written compared to 81 as of 1/31. In addition, our tardy rate also increased by 12% going from 869 to 973 during the same time period.

Your amazing PBS Committee is planning two school-wide events in March and in May to celebrate all of the great things our students do. Also, they have planned a couple of challenges for staff to reward them for implementing PBS in their classrooms and for meeting/exceeding goals that are set for them.

Tech Corner

All the cool new cameras at this year’s Super Bowl game will help you feel like you are *live* in Santa Clara - technology continues to re-tool! And if you’re not into the celebratory Sunday for the sport (Go Broncos!), you must at least like the commercials.


  • Be sure to use the SuperSaas schedulers for reserving laptop carts, computer lab times, testing dates and campus vans. The schedulers are not only used for reservations but are the basis for data in driving decision-making about needs and prioritization, etc. Links for all schedulers are on the left navigation bar of the LW Campus wiki page. Also, please remember to avoid scheduling during holidays! :)

  • If you missed any Web on Wednesday session this year, you can access an ‘online version’ via the LW Campus wiki page. Next session is a continuation of “Smashing Some Apps” using your iPad. You are most welcome to join us on Wed, Feb 10th for part 2, even if you didn’t attend part 1! You have to see what Kirk Jervis created at his first attempt with App Smashing.

A Note from our Wellness Champions

Week 2 of "Food for Life"- Oatmeal and Beyond--- the Selfie Challenge--- take a selfie and send to along with your oatmeal creation. I will collect and post your pics.

Varieties of Oatmeal: Make a Difference

  • Old Fashion Oatmeal- the one that cooks 5-7 minutes is the heartiest therefore sticks with you longer throughout the morning (overall winner)
  • 1 Minute Oatmeal- is simply Old Fashion Oatmeal chopped up and can leave you hungry very quickly
  • Steel Cut Oats- the least processed and are simply oats that have been chopped off with a steel blade.
  • Irish Cut Oats- the smallest in the family and are sized like a poppy seed (some like the texture better)

Health Value:

  • Low glycemic index (55 or less) keeps your blood sugars level
  • Insoluble fiber helps clean out the colon Ideas to Increase Intake:
  • Look for oatmeal breads and pancakes I personally tried this recipe that I am

including and it is AMAZING! I am making this weekend for hubby.

Hearty Four Grain Cereal:

This hearty cereal is easy to make, but takes a while to bake, so plan ahead. It is worth the wait. This recipe can be doubled and stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Just reheat in the microwave and serve with milk or a non-dairy milk.


  • 1/4 teaspoon oil to grease casserole dish (or cooking spray)
  • 1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats (not quick-cooking oats)
  • 1/4 cup brown rice (not cooked)
  • 1/4 cup pearl barley or barley of your choice
  • 1/4 cup bulgur

Note- you can always double on one grain and skip one as long as the

measurements add up

  • 1/2 cup raisins (or other dried fruit)
  • 1/4 cup fruit sweetener (I think I will try apple juice concentrate or
  • you can simply add a 1/2 of ripened banana)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon or more if you like it
  • 1/4 cup walnut (optional)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 4 cups water


1) Preheat oven to 375 degrees and grease 8x8 cooking pan

2) Into the prepared baking dish add all ingredients and mix (avoid

the bottom of dish)

3) COVER and bake for 90 minutes stirring half way through

4) Sip coffee while baking and enjoy the wonderful smells

5) Finished when all water is absorbed and grains are tender

This recipe is adapted from Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet by

Peter H. Gott, MD

Please continue to share your experiences, ups, downs, suggestions for other apps, questions, diets, recipes, etc. with us. You can reach me at 70938 or email me at

WILKIP@COLLIERSCHOOLS.COM or you can reach Khris at 73347 or email her at BETTENKR@COLLIERSCHOOLS.COM.

Just a reminder, the weigh-ins for LWTC will be on Fridays and LWTHS on Wednesday. Good Luck to everyone and let’s have fun while losing weight and getting in shape.


  • It is hard to believe the 5th Annual Fly-In/Cruise- In is coming up on March 5th! After 5 years, this is becoming a much anticipated event in the community! It has earned a great reputation as a day of fun, for a good cause and people look forward to it each year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event held at Naples Airport, it is a car show, airplane show and Culinary Arts prepares a delicious pancake breakfast complete with orange juice, sausage and coffee! The cost is only $10. and children under 5 are free. It begins at 8am and ends at noon. All proceeds go to supporting Lorenzo Walker students. This event would not be possible without the capable leadership of Jack Izbicki and of course the support of Naples Airport. This year we while still at the airport, however we will be in a different location near the Civil Air Patrol entrance. If you haven’t volunteered to work on a committee yet, please don’t worry, there is plenty to do! Our next FI/CI meeting is February 10th and if you would like to volunteer, please attend. It is held at 2:30 in the media center and all are welcome. We need volunteers to sell tickets, food, water, etc. Please call Denise or Jack for questions regarding volunteer opportunities. Also-please tell your family and friends about the event and encourage them to come! If you know of anyone willing to be a corporate sponsor, please let us know. There are many benefits, as we advertise the companies that support us. It takes many contributions to make the FI/CI a success and we welcome your input and involvement!
  • Staff from the Headstart program will be touring the campus on Monday, 2/8 starting at 9:30 a.m.
  • The PBS Committee is sponsoring an attendance "challenge" to all LWTHS and LWTC (dual-enrollment) teachers. Every teacher that submits their attendance by 1:15 PM each day in the week will be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous prize. The first challenge begins on 2/7-2/11. Are you up for the challenge? Just think how happy you'll make Sabrina.
  • There will be a Fly In / Cruise In meeting Thursday, February 10th, at 2:35 PM. Please join us if you are interested in participating in this amazing event.
  • The Social Studies Department celebrates and honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month by asking students and staff to participate in lessons and activities recognizing the contributions of African Americans to United States and World History. The following links provide resources for your classroom and we hope that you will join us in not only recognizing MLK Day but continuing through February and even until the end of the year if you like. You will find that they have a number of lessons applicable to subject matters outside of History (i.e. Math, English, Art, etc.).


  • PLT reflections are due February 29th.
  • Please don’t forget to submit your Florida Teachers' Classroom Supply Assistance Program receipts to Ray Smith. He is asking that the receipts be submitted by February 29th so there is adequate time to check each submission and submit the final report to the Budgeting Department by their deadline of March 15th.
  • Our students are amazing so please reward them with a positive referral that can be entered in Student PASS. The referrals are for behaviors that exceed expectations (i.e. turning in a cell phone that was found in the courtyard).
  • Please submit interim grades by the end of teacher work day on Wednesday, 2/9.
  • Don't forget to nominate a staff member for the month of February by clicking on the Padlet link . Type the name of the nominated staff member in the "Title" portion of the Padlet post and your reasoning in the body of the post. Also you can nominate by grade level a student for the month of February by clicking the appropriate link below. Follow the same protocol of putting the student name as the title and reason for nominating in the body of the posting.
Post-Secondary Link:
9th grade Link:
10th grade Link:
11th grade Link:
12th grade Link:


  • Joanne Cassio and the National Honor Society for putting on a "Spring into Friendship" carnival on Friday, 2/5. The monies raised benefit the LWTHS National Honor Society scholarship fund. Also, Neil Fehr, Tara Barr, Bruce Peters and Rick Ponton for chaperoning and supporting the event.
  • All staff who encouraged our students to return the Title 1 Parent Surveys and for a 54% return rate.
  • Karly Campbell and Neil Fehr for joining the PBS Committee as our 11th and 12th grade representatives.
  • Pat Metcalf for supporting four of our seniors with test preparation strategies for the ACT Exam on Saturday, 2/6.
  • Amanda Vazquez for all her efforts in scheduling students before submission.

Happy Birthday

08 Shauna Kelly

12 Victor Velasquez

13 Susan Resatar

Upcoming Staff Meetings and Trainings

Upcoming Student Events

  • 2/3-2/12, Valentine Anigrams Sale, lunchtime, Courtyard/Mustang Alley-Mrs. Cassio
  • 2/8-2/26, Hot Cocoa (sugar free) sale, 6:45-7:05, in front of HS, Mrs. Cassio
  • 2/8-Entrepreneurship Field Trip, 10:30-1:45 Naples Daily News - Mrs. Stout
  • 2/11 Distribution of Interim Reports
  • 2/12-Gamers Night, 2-5 pm, Dining Halls, A,B,C&D - Mr. Ponton