How a Power Station Works!

by B.T400

the process of the steps taken to make energy in a coal fired power plant

firstly, the coal is turned into a fine talcum powder. the coal is then mixed with hot air and blown into the burning firebox to be burned.

secondly, this creates extreemly high tempurates, purified water is pumed from pipes, the water, being heated by the heat in the firebox, turns into steam.

to continue, the steam created is pumped into turbines, the pressure against the turbine blades turns the turbine shaft, which is connected to a generator, where magnets turn in wire coils that produce the electricity.

then finally cool water from a nearby water source cools the steam back into water, to be used again in the cycle, and so the steps repeat over and over again using the same water.

source: duke energy-how do coal-fired power plants work?

coal-fired stations waste the fossil-fuels, like the coal and waste virtually nothing else, like the steam that gets cooled, to become water! Man has to find another source of energy as fossil-fuels don't last forever, unless we find out how to make artificial coal, but until then we must try to save energy, and to find another source, that will last as long as possible.