Is Canada the Best Country?

Nathan K.


Canada is located at the northern most point of North America. It is a large nation with 35.16 million people and 9.985 million square km of land. There are many pros and cons to living in a country with so much diversity in people, land, and associates. Canada is considered the world's politest nation so let's discover what else makes this country special from all the others eh.

Coming to Canda

Immigration +

Canada is one of the world's easiest countries to immigrate to due to the fact that Canada is looking for new immigrants not trying to keep them out like some other countries *USA*. In fact Canada's Waiting times range from as quickly as 2 weeks for a student visa to 6 months for an economic class immigrant. Provided that you meet Canada's test requirements immigrants can come to Canada no problem. More so Canada is always one of the first nations to assist in humanitarian efforts so if you are a refugee your chances of getting into Canada are much higher than other countries.


Canadians are rightly considered the world's politest people. This multicultural society is one that accepts all races and religions and allows them to thrive in the country. Canada is often referred to as the salad bowl because it is a mix of so many things that each stand prominent. This makes Canada a great to move to for people coming from other cultures because of how easily they are accepted.


Canada is growing slowly with a population growth rate of 0.9% and an estimated 78 years till population doubling. Canada is considered to be in the fourth stage of the demographic transition model meaning that we have a low birth rate, a low death rate and a stationary - decreasing natural increase rate. Although it is a bad thing that our population is decreasing it is only because our health care is so good and we have good birth control.

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Canada's Variety

Land/Climate Regions

Canada has 7 different regions each with their own unique features to attract people. People coming to Canada have so much choice in where they want to live and what jobs they want to do. If you prefer a desk jobs near a nice city, we have Toronto with its huge office buildings and moderate, continental climate. Enjoy farming and the quiet life, welcome to Calgary. This variety not only gives you so much choice it allows the country to thrive in multiple industries. When the country thrives you get to reap the rewards.

Natural Disasters

Canada faces quite a few natural disasters by bordering 2 oceans and being on the ring of fire (the edge of the Pacific plate). BC in particular faces multiple earthquakes every year, though most are too small to feel. Although Canada has never had a major disaster all the small disasters combined have resulted in over 200 deaths in the 21st century. This is not that big of a number for the whole 21st century meaning that Canada is a relatively safe country as far as natural disasters go.

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Industries and Jobs

Primary Industries

Canada is one of the world's richest countries when it comes to primary industries or raw materials. This country has huge forests, deep mines and vast lakes all of which contribute to its primary industries. These resources can be used for the countries own benefit or it can be sold to other countries to gain money. Canada exports over 80% of its oil/minerals to the US for a total of 83 billion in 2005. Canada is also the holder of 20% of the world's freshwater which is and will be a huge advantage in the future.

Sustainable Extraction

Canada is one of the few countries that take some measures to prevent unsustainable over extraction of raw materials. As so 2013 10.4% of Canada's terrestrial land and 9% of Canada's marine land was considered protected, meaning that we cannot extract its raw materials. This proves that Canada is making sure that its citizens in the future can have resources especially since resources will be much scarcer in the future.

Secondary Industries

Canada is also one of the biggest countries in some of the secondary industry fields. Canada is in the top 10 of the world's automobile manufacturing. Canada has deals with many companies including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda. These provide even more jobs and advantages to the citizens of Canada.

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Housing and Communities

Awesome City

Canada is home so some very large cities with high population densities. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver are all prime examples of urban cities that are maximized for efficiency. Not only are those, Canada's cities are diverse in their uses. Toronto for instance is a transportation hub, a government area and a tourist attraction. They also have a variety of land uses. High rise building and underground subways use space and land very efficiently.
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Housing Variety

Canada is mixture of both high population density cities and low population density towns. To match this, we have built low order stores, medium order stores and high order stores to adequately supply populations their needs/wants. With this variety we also get a multitude of land uses. This means that cities and towns alike have Residential, Institutional, Commercial, Open Space, and Transportation areas. This offers you as a Canadian many options on where you want to live depending on your preferred lifestyle.
Our Sustainable City


This video explains to us how the communities in Canada are taking measures to make sure that they are living sustainable. As we can see the Cities of Canada promote recycling, exercise and proper waste and water management. These are all things that make the communities of Canada a very positive place to live.


Overall we can see that Canada is a great place to live due to its easy immigration, variety in regions of soil/climate, multitude of industries and resources, and its amazing communities. All the advantages Canada provides in these sections are what make it the best place to live in the world.