Westy Academy Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 27th-October 1st 2021

A Message From the Principal...

Hello Owls!

Fall Conferences are here! Make sure you take the opportunity to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences! We are excited to welcome parents back in face to face meetings, but please let us know if you prefer a ZOOM session, instead. We are here to accommodate our families! If you cannot make either date, you can also make an individual appointment with your student’s teacher, or anyone else in the building you might need to speak to.

Westy Academy will be participating in our own Student Olympics this year! With the Summer 2021 Olympics just ending, and the Winter 2022 Olympics set to begin, this is a perfect chance to educate our children on the World's largest competitive sports series. Students will compete for the Gold this Friday, October 1st. Fun Fact! Did you know that at least one of the of Olympic Rings' colors appears in EVERY national flag? Pretty cool!

Last but not least of mention, our Parent Teacher Organization is starting back up! Since COVID, the PTO had to take a break from in-person meetings...but they are back and looking for NEW MEMBERS! They will have their first meeting Tuesday Oct. 5th @ 5:15pm. Any parents or family that are interested in supporting the PTO, interacting with the school, helping to schedule, plan and execute school events should most definitely attend! We will have an interpreter present for Spanish assistance as well.

That's it! Things are nothing less than busy for us here at school!


Mr. Warwick

Sign up NOW for Fall Parent Teacher Conferences!

Click your student’s teacher name to schedule a conference.

*If you have more than one student at the school, you only need to fill out the form once, but be sure to list all students.

Utilice el enlace en el nombre del maestro de su estudiante para organizar una conferencia.

*Si tiene más de un estudiante en la escuela, sólo debería llenar la solicitud una vez, pero por favor asegúrese de nombrar a todos los estudiantes.

Rachel Long

Sara Barnett

Grace Hurrle

Jenna Anderson

Michael Moore

Chris Byrd

Brittany Voss

Michelle Ka

Adam Viglione

Ashley Buchanan

Kiso Kyle

Cassie Yount

2021 Westy Academy Student Olympics

When: Friday October 1st 2021—During the school day

What: Westy Academy will celebrate the 2022 Olympic Games by creating our own Day of Olympics! All students will be assigned to a “Country” with students from each classroom, Kindergarten-8th grades. Our 8th graders will act as the “Coach” and Leaders of their teams. From there, each Country will compete in various games against each other throughout the day at different stations.

Important Dates and Events

September 27th: Early Dismissal @ 1:40pm for K-8th; 1:30pm for Pre-K

September 30th: Parent Teacher Conferences; 4:00pm-8:00pm

October 1st: Dress Down Day & Student Olympics

October 4th: Early Dismissal @ 1:40pm for K-8th; 1:30pm for Pre-K

October 4th: Parent Teacher Conferences; 2:00pm-6:00pm

October 5th: PTO MEETING @ 5:15pm--All interested parents are encouraged to attend! In the school Library

October 9th: WHS Homecoming Parade @ 10am

October 11th-15th: Homecoming Spirit Week--Westy Academy participates

October 11th--Early Dismissal @ 1:40pm for K-8th; 1:30pm for Pre-K

October 11th- Skate City After School Party; 2p-4p @ Skate City

Homecoming Spirit Week-Westy Academy

Westminster High will be celebrating Homecoming in October! As part of the celebration and fun, our students will also be participating in a Homecoming Spirit Week to cheer on our High School!

Participation is OPTIONAL--however if a student does not want to participate in any given day, uniforms are required.

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