Airplanes! ^.^

Fly Away With Me!!!


Do you wanna fly in something that looks like a bird?! Well thanks to the Wright brothers, Orvillie and Wilbur you can. In 1890 these to younge gentalmen decided to make one of the biggest inventions in the history! Also along with them John Stringfellow, Alberto SantosDuman, and Karl Jatho helped out in he airplane industry.

mooorree airplanes!


The Wright brothers made there first airplane in a bicycle shop in Kitty Hawk ,North Carolina. The airplane is made of wooden beams. Wrapping enabled the piolet to steer the plan more effectively. The first airplane flown was a glider. Thank to the amazing Wright brothers we are now able to get to places faster that other transortation can not. Also we are now able to fly to different coutries. Thank you Orville and Wilbur!!