The Plan for Government 1787

A Guide to the Constitution By Azi Williams


Articles didn't Congress the power to enforce laws. Congress also had no power to collect taxes to pay for the military. They had no official currency so when the government borrowed money they had no way to pay it back


All of the delegates were white, wealthy, powerful, and were overweight.

Issue of the Reprsentation

The smaller and larger states kept arguing if larger states should get more votes for a larger population. In the end they came up with two branches. The Senate gets two votes for each state no matter what. The house of representatives had representatives based on population.

Issue Of Slavery

The States were arguing because the southern states wanted the slaves to count as population. The northern said this was not fair seeing as to the southerners consider the slaves to be property and not people. So they said 3⁄5 of slaves would be counted as population

Issue of States and Federal Power

The issue with power was that the states had power to deal with citizens. So they said states would still have power but the the federal would be all powerful.

Issue of Separation of Power

The states had all the power and nothing else had the power. So the executive senate and congress all got equal amount power.

Issue of the changing of the Constitution

The constitution was a set of laws that couldn't be changed. So they chose to instead of change the laws to just add new ones to it.