Collins' Corner

December 1, 2014

Important Dates

December 2 - 8:00 - MAP Testing (Reading)

December 10 - Fun Fitness

December 19 - Economics Shopping Day

January 6 - 8:00 MAP Testing (Math)

Please note...

  • Images, prices and order forms for the new LMES Spirit wear collection have now been added to the bottom of the PTO page on the LMES Website. They have lots of great items to consider for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers.

  • We are interested in gathering interesting information about places all across America. One way to do this is to collect postcards from family, friends, work associates or anyone you know who lives outside South Carolina. We would like to ask everyone to spread the word to ask these people to send our class a postcard that tells something interesting about where they live or are traveling. I do want to stress that we want to learn something from the postcards that we receive. The students do not have to write the postcards or even know the people that they are coming from. Our goal would be to have cards from all fifty states by the end of the year. I thought that this might be a great time to start this program because many of you are traveling or will be talking to people during the holidays. If your child wants to write a note and mail the postcard as you travel, that is great, but they can also just bring it back to school with them. There is no limit or quota per student. We are working together as a team. I hope that we get some really interesting cards about places across our country. Our mailing address is: Mrs. Collins' Second Grade Class, LMES, 1531 Three Dog Road, Chapin, SC 29036.

Language Arts

The spelling lesson this week teaches the suffix ed, and reviews the suffix ing. Today we discussed the three sounds that ed makes - /d/ as in rained, /t/ as in fixed and /ed/ as in waited.

This week we will review and discuss the STP strategy, which means to "Stop, Think, and Put it in your own words." We will practice this in class together and during guided reading to help improve reading comprehension with nonfiction texts.

Thanksgiving research has been completed! This week we will continue to write opinion pieces by writing book reviews. We will look at book reviews written by other second graders, and will begin writing reviews on some of our favorite books.


Today we began subtraction from a two digit number with and without regrouping. Because this lesson was difficult and many are not ready to practice on their own, there will be no math homework tonight. We will work on this lesson more tomorrow and I will send homework home on Tuesday when I feel that all students are ready to practice on their own.

There will be an addition fact test this Thursday. Please continue to help your child study for these tests.

Social Studies

Winter Workshop was a huge success and I believe all students had a great time. We have calculated how many goods were produced in each factory and will begin discussing supply and demand this week. Our shopping day will be on December 19th.