Team Thirty-Oneders

June 2014

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Hello Ladies!

June was not record breaking by any means for us, but it's one of the J months so we know it's going to be rough going into it! We made it out, and are well into July! Don't forget about my challenge to each of YOU this month! Can't wait to see how you are using your storage tote!! Have a great July and let me know if I can help in any way!

Team Stats:

YTD Sales~ $40, 357.50
Dowline Size 19
June Sales~ $3333.00
June Parties~ 11
June Recruits~ 0
June Qualified~ 0
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Charity Pinkston~ 2 Years Emille Gish~ 1 Year

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Personal Volume:

Ruth Haire $633.00
Danielle Tucker $269.00
Cyndi Settles $266.00
Diana Purcell $244.00
Sandy Thomas $211
Jenna Austill $210
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Ruth Haire 2
Jenna Austill 1
Danielle Tucker 1
Cyndi Settles 1
Diana Purcell 1
Sandy Thomas 1

Congratulations, YOU are off to a strong start and on your way to a successful business!

Diana Purcell Level 1

National Conference 2014 Dream it, BE it!

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Jenna Austill, Ruth Haire, Kristy Keith & Bethany Sinclair

Upcoming Events:

National Conference July 23-25

Celebrate & Connect August 9-16 (mine 11th 6PM) REGISTRATION IS GOING ON NOW

*questions please let me know*

Team Incentive!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ruth Haire for earning a charm for June!

Don't forget about my challenge to each of YOU this month! If you have submitted a party by the 15th of this month you will earn a charm for JULY!!!
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***from this point forward team sales will have to be at least $4000 for any charms to be earned***
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