By: Chloe Wheeler


France, one of the best countries. Paris, the capitol, being the city of lights, love, and fashion. You could be on the French Rivera, see the Eiffel Tower or go to Mont Blanc. From fashion to the cuisine, France is amazing.

Fance's Cultural Foods

Boeuf boutuignon (beef stew), chicken fricassee, coq au vin (chicken in red wine sauce), gratin dauphinois (potatoes melt with cheese), and many, many more dishes.

Some of the places to see!

Economic Stuff to know!

The exchange rate to US dollars is $1.36.

GDP: $2.291 Trillion

GDP per capita: $36,100

Currency: Euro

Fun Facts!

The word “salut” means both “hello” and “goodbye”. There is a Victor Hugo street in every town in France. Non-French celebrities who speak French include: Jodie Foster, Johnny Depp, Diane Kruger, Elton John, Ewan Mcgregor, Halle Berry, Jackie O, Madonna, Mick Jagger, and John Travolta. The heir to the French throne was called Le Dauphin, which also means “dolphin.” France has the highest number of ski resorts.In 2004, the French produced 56.6. million hectoliters of wine.

More about france

Climate: generally cool winters and mild summers.

Government type: Republic

Topography: elevations ranging from sea level to 15,771 ft above sea level

Religion: Roman Catholic

Language: French

Population: 63.1 million