The Tragedy of 9/11

By: Danny Schlatter

Basic Information

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, our nation was invaded by an extremist terrorist group named Al-Qaeda. This group viciously attacked the two World Trade Centers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and a failed attempt on the White House. After further review of the entire attack, questions began accumulating about whether or not this was truly and act of Al-Qaeda. There were speculations that the American Government, George Bush specifically, had planned this attack and even profited from it.

How was this event seen?

At the time of the attack, obviously, no one believed Bush was involved. Every news station was reporting on the complete tragedy that had happened in downtown Manhattan. The most significant reports were about history and cultural background on the Al-Qaeda. Most station delved into the how horrifying and terrible the Al-Qaeda group was. Truthfully, the Al-Qaeda was a group of very religious people, and everything they did was for their God.
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Biases in American Media

American news sources really can't go against their own government, unless they want to have the risk of being completely taken off air. By reporting what the people want/don't want to hear - depending on thoughts of the event - it creates a idea in the viewers head of what actually happened, and they are then stuck on that thought, unless introduced to another theory. During the years that followed, you can see some anchors and guests of TV shows storming off the air after hearing what some people have to say about the 9/11 attacks. It's truly a touchy topic, and many people have many different opinions on the event.

My Opinion

There is not way President Bush would purposefully kill 3,000+ innocent Americans. In no humanely possibly way is a President that inhumane and unpatriotic to his own nation. I can see how people would believe Bush had something to do with the attacks, but some of the theories or just crazy. He was the President of our country, why would he deliberately throw us into a war that hurts our economy and kills thousands of American soldiers?
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