Get made f.i.t. By shan.

focus . implement . transform

Are you ready to f. i. t. ?

Are you ready to make some time for yourself?

Are you ready to make some changes by investing in yourself?

Looking for fitspiration and encouragement?

Looking to do something or try something new?

Tired of feeling tired?

Sick of trying on clothes; not happy with how anything fits?

Scared of the gym or have no idea what to do when you get there?

Want more stamina? Better umph for keeping up with life & family demands?

Are you done with excuses and ready to commit to YOU?

So, what are you waiting for?

Join f.i.t. by Shan today!

f. i. t. by Shan has a limited amount of openings for women who are ready to commit to themselves by living a healthy, active lifestyle. This goes beyond Personal Training - this is lifestyle coaching teaching you the tools to life a fit, active, healthy life!

What you get?

A 4wk program including take away workouts and support from ME, your coach

Tips to help keep you prepared to succeed

In-person or virtual coaching packages available

Personal or group training sessions based on your schedule (2 or 4x / month)

Fit tests and progress tracking

Support, motivation with accountability checks

Virtual community of STRONG women just like YOU for support and encouragement.

A better, Stronger, Perfect, YOU!

Call, email or text! Tomorrow, you'll wish you'd started TODAY!

Meet your f.i.t. maker

An everyday woman, just like YOU! Wife, kids, life...

Certified Personal Trainer

SCHWINN certified SPIN instructor

Fitness Competitor

Sponsored by Perfect Nutrition and 2XU Canada

STRONGDAY Ambassador in association with STRONGCAMP and STRONG Fitness Magazine

The Treadmill Factory Ambassador