Spanish Description

  1. Location → Mi casa está ubicada en Puerto Rico

  2. Weather → Es muy caliente en Puerto Rico fuera, pero la casa tiene muchos fans. Si quiere salir a la calle , aunque simplemente darse un chapuzón en la piscina o en el mar sólo un par de pasos de distancia!

  3. Where is located? → Esta maravillosa casa se encuentra literalmente en la playa.

  4. Types of house→ La casa de playa de cuatro acres tiene una parte de la playa estrictamente reservado para esta casa. Es la casa de alguna manera no lo suficientemente grande para usted ? Bueno, también tiene una casa de huéspedes de dos pisos con su propia piscina ! Eso significa dos piscinas!

  5. What the house build of? → La hermosa casa está hecha de la madera más fuerte y más hermosa de todo Puerto Rico.

  6. How many floors ? → La casa consta de tres plantas y la casa de invitados tiene dos plantas.

  7. Size→ La casa es absolutamente enorme y que ni siquiera se contaba la casa de huéspedes.

  8. Color→ La casa se ​​compone de colores muy playeros como el marrón, beige y azul claro.

  9. Rooms of the house→ Contando las dos cámaras que componen más de cuarenta habitaciones! Hay doce dormitorios y diez baños!

  10. Furniture→

Living Room- Sillas, sofá, mesa de centro, alfombra, ventilador, y televisor

Kitchen- Nevera, fregadero, encimera, horno, vitrocerámica, y lavavajillas

Bathroom- Baño, lavabo, bañera, ducha, y toalla

Dining Room- Mesa, sillas, alfombra, pizarra, lámpara, y estante

Chores - Algunas tareas que probablemente tendría que hacer en la casa son tan seguido. Limpie la piscina, lavar la ropa, limpiar los platos, hacer la cama, limpiar su cuarto, poner la mesa, limpiar el baño, cortar el césped, y el polvo de varias cosas.

Do I like the house? - Me encanta esta casa! Esta es una gran casa (si usted tiene un gran presupuesto.) Tiene todo lo más dos piscinas, la playa, una casa de huéspedes, y vistas magníficas. Gracias por mirar en esta casa!

English Details

Tres Palmas Estate - Rincon's Premier Oceanfront Property..... Located on the world famous Tres Palmas surf break, the largest surfable wave in the Caribbean, and the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, a protected ocean area, this one-of-a-kind property has approximately 421 feet of ocean frontage and contains six unique tropical homes and three swimming pools (one under construction), all situated on 4.13 acres of the most beautiful oceanfront property in Rincon. Secluded and quiet, the manicured grounds are landscaped with all types of fruit flowering trees including coconut palms, mango (many varieties), bananas, star fruit, limon (a special lemon unique to this area), and spectacular tropical flowers including many types of heliconia, gingers, fragrant yling ylang trees (an ingredient in Chanel No. 5), and of course, gorgeous red blooming flamboyant. There are four individual pieces of property: 9,644 square meters (2.38 acres) running 534 ft. from Road 413 to the ocean, enclosed by a 6 ft. concrete wall, featuring three tropical homes with four rental properties and swimming pool (under construction); a gorgeous 3,961 square meters (1 acre) lot with 180 feet of ocean frontage; Villa Tres Palmas, a 6BR/5Bath stunning tropical villa and swimming pool, with out buildings and bathrooms separate from the main house, with 116 feet of ocean frontage; and Villa Ensenada, a beautiful 4BR/4Bath home with a very spacious covered terrace with swimming pool on 1,052 square meters (quarter acre) looking out to the ocean. You must walk on this property to truly appreciate the labor of love that it exemplifies. It is like walking in a tropical park, surrounded by beautiful palms and flowering trees...pick fruit right off the branch....sweet star fruit, luscious mango, avocados, bananas.... The homes are all beautifully maintained and have state of the art security systems throughout. This property is a popular place for weddings and large family reunions, and generates substantial rental income. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an extraordinary Caribbean estate.

Interesting Facts

- It is 6.9 million dollars.

- It is the only beach house on the west side of Puerto Rico with two pools.

- It is huge, 4.13 acres huge.

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How do I feel about the house?

Factual: What elements make my house a sweet home?

Well it is great for families because you can have a fun day everyday because of the heated pools and beach. It is also a relaxing place to be with rooms for all of your stuff. In fact, you will never run out of space with over 40 rooms!

Conceptual: How can I compare homes?

It comes down to how much you spend. If you want this house you have to pay a lot. But it is completely worth it. You will be happy for the rest of you're life.

Debatable: In the US would my home be considered ideal?

I definitely think so! I think any one in the world would be happy with this house. If you love relaxing and fun this house is perfect. The only thing that maybe needs work is the kitchen. Here at Puerto Rico that is the popular style but in other countries or america it might not be the best. But if you have money to but the house you should have enough money to redesign the two kitchens.


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6,900,000 USD house in Puerto Rico- Shows Rooms!
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