Tuesday Tech Tips

FHMS Volume 6: February 18, 2014

Highlights from METC 2014

This week's Tech Tips will be a review of this year's Midwest Education Technology Conference-you'll get links to keynote speakers, presentations and learn about the latest trends...I hope you'll take away some useful info and quick tips that can add more tech in your classrooms...

Lodge McCammon-Flipping the Classroom-Time to Teach...Keynote Video Conference

Flipping the classroom is an instructional method that has the power to make every teacher more efficient, highly reflective and give them an unprecedented ability to build relationships. Teachers using this method deliver their lecture or direct instruction content through concise videos, which opens class time for rigorous and engaging student learning activities. Using simple tools, every teacher can start making this change tomorrow.

Dee Moylan-TIL

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