21st Century Yellow Journalism

Rachel Cantin, Reve Greenwald

5 Characteristics of Yellow Journalism

*Scare Headlines in large print about minor news.

*Lots of pictures; questionable quality.

*Sympathy with the 'underdog' against the 'system'.

*Quotes from 'experts' or 'sources'; pseudoscience and false info.

*Emphasis on splashy, full color pages.

Scare Headlines

Scare headlines, for minor news. This is a tacic used by my new programs to catch a reader's attention and pull them in. Using Scare Headlines, will make the reader want to read the article, watch the video, or click on the link. Though the headline may be intriguing it can be deceiving.

Lots of pictures, questionable quality.

Many news programs also use lots of pictures and videos for their...