IT Bits and Bytes

Instructional Technology Tools and Tips

September 2015 Edition

Welcome back to school! I will be using this newsletter to share tech tools with you throughout the school year. My contact information is also available here. You will find a Google Form below where you can send tech questions and requests. Once we get started you will find an occasional survey attached so I can get some feedback on how things are going in your classrooms and what tools have been working for your students. Remember to share your successes and new tools you find so I can pass information to others. I hope we have a great learning journey together this year!

Google Hangout Events

Live broadcasts from around the world that your class can join and view for free. Most of the events I will post are from Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants and Sharks4Kids. Both of these groups provide awesome opportunities for students to visit places and speak to individuals they may otherwise never have the chance to experience. If you choose to, you can request to be one of the "live" classrooms chosen and actually be shown on camera during the event. Your students will also be able to ask questions. However, if not chosen, you can still send questions via the chat and the host recognizes all the classes watching live if you post your information when the event starts. I encourage you to browse through the events listed on the website and read the information to decide if it is a hangout your students would be interested in.

Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom is a great, FREE way to collaborate with other classrooms no matter where they are located, invite guest speakers into your classroom and take virtual field trips. You can browse through lesson plans relating to your subject area or create posts requesting to connect with another classroom or speakers in a career field of your choice.