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January/February 2016

Howard Online Resources and Tools

Today, we have so many usernames and passwords that it's nearly impossible to remember them all. To ease some of this mental burden and leave space in our brains for more creative thinking, I put together a Google Doc with the login information for each of the online resources and tools available to us at Howard. Click the link below to view the document. To personalize it to fit your needs, make a copy of the document and input your specific login information and/or add other account logins you use to it. Because these are paid resources, please do not share the login information publicly on a website, etc... Thank you!

Howard Online Resources and Tools

Forward Assessment Update

Wisconsin Forward Exam updates

Recently there has been information shared about the "Forward" exam.

  • English language arts and mathematics in grades 3 through 8, in science in grades 4 and 8, and in social studies in 4, 8, and 10
  • no performance tasks; MC and CR only
  • the assessment will be a bit shorter; test times
  • accessibility graphic
  • organized into ELA, math sessions
  • testing guidelines out this week
  • accommodations guide coming
  • student practice test by the end of February
  • the assessment will rely on the technology established for last year's Badger

For more information, please visit: and subpages of calendar, resources, accommodations and supports, practice test and practice items, test security, and more.

More information will be shared soon as it is gathered from regional trainings and CESA guidance, etc.

Document Cameras - Ladibugs

There are several Ladibugs available for check out to use in your classroom. Please stop by the LMC to check one out!

50+ Ideas for Using a Ladibug in the Classroom

Save the Date - Digital Learning Day - February 17th

Open the link for more information, resources, and ideas for digital learning.

Digital Learning Day 2016

Upcoming Tech Bytes